Thursday, January 19, 2023

‘Blue Bloods’: Bridget Moynahan wasn’t a fan of the Moo Shu pork calzones from 1 Family Dinner Scene

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Blue blood is one of the most popular police procedures on television, with intense storylines, legendary stars and plenty of heart. The series debuted on television in 2010 and has since thrived, gaining new fans at every turn. One element of the show that fans and critics alike seem to really love is its emphasis on the importance of family.

Portrayed by a handful of talented actors, the Reagan family always takes time to connect with one another during iconic family dinner sequences. While these scenes are a mainstay of Blue bloodNot all of the food served in the scenes is delicious, actress Bridget Moynahan revealed in a 2022 interview.

From the start, Moynahan has been one of the most important and exciting characters in Blue blood. As Erin Reagan, Frank Reagan’s only daughter, she holds an important place in the Reagan family—and her role as New York County’s assistant district attorney keeps her busy.

As a single mom and a brilliant legal mind, Erin never hesitates to call injustice where she sees it. She is also very devoted to her family and rarely misses an opportunity to join her father and brothers over dinner.

Filming the family dinner scenes is something that many members of the cast love, including Moynahan. However, since real food is used in the scenes, it seems inevitable that the cast will occasionally come across an item they don’t love. In an interview from 2022 on Live with Kelly and RyanMoynahan revealed that one food really stands out.

“There once was a moo-shu pork calzone that I had never heard of. I had to talk about it on screen, so I had to eat it every time,” the actor said. “And it was early in the series, so it took about four hours to shoot the dinner scenes. So it was four hours to eat a moo shu pork calzone.”

Describing how the calzone’s flavors just didn’t work well together, Moynahan admitted, “It wasn’t good, and I’ll never do that again.” I don’t know why anyone came up with this concept, a moo shu pork calzone. You shouldn’t combine the two.”

Although the food in the family dinner scenes is very real and provided by a catering company, the cutlery is fake. The cast reportedly uses plastic cutlery to avoid distracting viewers with a lot of clanking and clattering. All alcohol in these scenes is also fake, with iced tea in the wine glasses instead of real alcohol.

Leftovers aren’t wasted either – whatever isn’t eaten by the cast is taken home by the crew after filming. While fans love the dinner scenes, they were initially difficult for some cast members, including Donnie Wahlberg, who plays Danny Reagan. “It was so intimidating,” the actor revealed.

Luckily, Wahlberg settled into a groove fast enough — and these days, the family dinner scenes continue Blue blood are the heart and soul of procedural drama.

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