Monday, November 28, 2022

Bling Empire: Kevin Kreider says he and Kane Lim are still not friends after Season 3

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Netflix bling empire Stars Kevin Kreider and Kane Lim previously had a close friendship, which the latter celebrated by gifting the Korean-born model a watch. While Kevin still has the watch, he recently admitted their relationship had deteriorated.

Model Kevin Kreider acted as spokesperson for bling empire and introduced the audience to the other wealthy castmates through his friend Kane Lim. The two were inseparable for the first few seasons and Kane gave Kevin an expensive watch to commemorate their friendship.

However, they had a falling out in Season 2 when Kane got in the middle of him trying to woo mutual friend Kim Lee. The two were still not on the best of terms after season two, but they patched things up a bit.

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During season three, Kane announced a modeling appearance for singer Rihanna’s hit Fenty makeup line. However, Kevin couldn’t hide his disappointment as he wondered why he hadn’t received the call, which angered Kane who wanted his friend to be happy for him.

Throughout the season, Kevin grew closer to his castmate Christine Chiu, who reunited him with his ex-girlfriend Devon Diep, while Kane strengthened his relationships with Kelly Mi Li and Mimi Morris.

After Season 3, Kevin admitted that his relationship with Kane had deteriorated. During an interview with Behind the Velvet Rope Podcastthe South Korean-born model revealed that Kane is no longer following him on Instagram.

Kevin admitted the move bothered him because it sent an unmistakable message that the property developer no longer considered them friends.

He also noted that he and Devon had walked past Kane before, but noted that his castmate was showing love to his girlfriend while ignoring him. When asked if he still had the watch Kane gave him, Kevin replied that he did, but admitted it didn’t feel like it.

Regardless, the model said he has no intention of selling the watch, as he believes Kane believes he will. Instead, Kevin sees it as a sign of the potential of their friendship when his castmate is “avoiding himself.” However, he doesn’t want to feel obligated to Kane for giving him the watch and admits he felt it was expected in the “fine print”.

While Kevin and Kane appeared to reconcile in Season 2, he revealed they still weren’t on the best of terms after filming ended.

In an interview with AsiaOne in May 2022, the model admitted the situation had hurt his feelings as he felt his boyfriend had been acting bitter and heartless towards him. He also disregarded his former friend’s Buddhist beliefs, claiming that Kane only practices “when things go your way.”

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In a separate interview with the publication, Kane claimed he didn’t comment on his fallout with Kevin because he didn’t want to use the media to badmouth his castmate.

However, the Singapore-based investor noted that he felt it was inappropriate for Kevin to mention his religion. He also said he doesn’t regret his part in the argument with the model as he felt he was really taking care of her friend Kim in the situation. bling empire can be streamed on Netflix.

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