Friday, January 13, 2023

“Blade II”: There is a huge pothole in the film that involves the death of a main character

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Marvel fans have been waiting to hear updates on the upcoming ones blade Revival. The highly anticipated addition to the Marvel Cinematic Universe will revive a character who helped introduce Wesley Snipes to superhero history in 1998.

While Snipes won’t be taking on the role in the latest installment (that role will be filled by Oscar-winner Mahershala Ali), the excitement surrounding the new addition has drawn attention to past franchises. Some fans noticed a blatant plot hole in the second part of the series.

Already in 1998, blade was one of Marvel’s first forays into the big screen. An earlier attempt (1986’s Howard the duck) had flopped hard, and blade showed more promise for moviegoers. In fact, the film did very well, making millions at the box office and launching a successful franchise that included two sequels. blade and its sequels were full of talent and foreshadowed the Marvel to come. Audiences clearly had an appetite for comic book content brought to life in the theater.

Unfortunately, Marvel still hadn’t learned how to fully capitalize on this audience’s desire. In fact, the company has a license blade to New Line Cinema and only saw around $25,000 of the millions the film ultimately grossed.

It’s safe to say that Marvel has learned from this mistake, as the company has raked in staggering profits from its films for years (and budgeted millions to keep fans stunned with every installment to come).

One of the tropes of the comic book genre is that those who die don’t always stay dead. Whether the audience likes a character too much to kill for good, or because the plot calls for a hero that was previously written out, fans of the genre are used to plotting twists and turns that bring back the dead.

However, not everyone liked it when it happened in Blade II. The problem affects Abraham Whistler, a vampire hunter and Blade’s mentor (played by Kris Kristofferson). At the end of the first film, Whistler, who has a lifelong anti-vampire vengeance after killing his family, is tragically bitten and forced to turn into his own worst enemy. When Blade returns to the scene of the crime, Whistler begs for the mercy of death, but Blade cannot bring himself to kill his mentor. Whistler then takes the gun and shoots himself. While the death isn’t fully visible on screen, we see Whistler’s hand open and the gun fall, indicating the bullet has struck.

When Whistler comes back Blade II, it is explained that Whistler was already too far into the transformation for the bullet to work, but viewers call foul. The gun was loaded with bullets specially designed to turn vampires to ash. Human or vampire, Whistler’s deduction should have been his final act.

The new blade is largely shrouded in mystery, and of course that means fans are keen to find out more! As Nerdist reports, we mostly know the creators, including Stacy Osei-Kuffour as writer and Bassam Tariq as director.

We can also assume that blade will be one of the darker movies in the MCU, as the character’s source material and cinematic history tended toward the sinister and macabre. Although the film originally had a theatrical release date of November 2023, it has since been pushed back to September 2024, so fans will have to wait a while!

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