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Blackpink fans say that “Tally” and “Typa Girl” from the album Born Pink are “a big fuck about you” to trolls, here’s why

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Blinks thanks ‘Teddy Oppa’ for giving the girl group all the diss tracks on one album with ‘Shut Down’, ‘Tally’ and ‘Typa Girl’

SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA: Blackpink released their most anticipated album Born Pink almost two years after their 2020 album The Album. Despite being a full-length album, “Born Pink” was released on September 16 with only eight tracks, two of which have been previously heard by fans. After initially receiving mixed reactions from K-Pop fans, it was finally concluded that Blackpink’s new album was indeed one of their best works to date. Fans raved about the diss track posing as the album’s lead single, “Shut Down,” and how the four Blackpink members Jennie, Jisoo, Lisa and Rose were at their peak.

Blinks claims members called out trolls and antis who constantly prayed for Blackpink’s downfall. When Jennie opened “Shut Down” with the lyrics “It’s not a comeback since we’ve never left,” fans rejoiced as each Blackpink member shadowed their trolls with one amazing line after another. However, fans who have now heard the entire album in its entirety think that the tracks “Typa Girl” and “Tally” can become Blackpink’s “Holy Trinity” with “Shut Down” and as the biggest “f**k you” to the haters of the girl group.


“Born Pink” tracks, “Shut Down”, “Tally” and “Typa Girl” lyrics have fans praising Blackpink

The title track “Shut Down” includes lyrics like “When we pull up you know it’s a shutdown”, “Bunch of wannabe’s that wannabe me” and “Keep watching me shut down”. All of this clearly indicates that Blackpink wasn’t going anywhere and that they were going to stay here, contrary to what trolls believe.

However, ‘Typa Girl’ came with most of the “Pick Me Up Girl” lyrics from her girl group with lyrics like “Cause I’m the Girl That Drive You Crazy, But You Can’t Leave Me Alone” and “I bin das Typa -Girl who makes you forget you have a guy,” proving how many people around the world want Blackpink members.

However, the track “Tally” has extremely wild lyrics that downright diss the trolls of Blackpink. But lyrics like “Cause no one’s keepin’ tally I do what I want with who I like” and “Starin’ at me ‘statt starrin’ in the mirror, Little Weirdo” and “But my body don’t belong to either of them. And I won’t change because you say so.” and “Sometimes I like to play dirty just like all the damn boys, that’s my choice and there’s no one I hurt and that’s not girly,” all have fans praising Blackpink members for finally calling out their trolls for mocking their choices over the years.

One fan said, “Blackpink is known as the only group that can diss anyone.” Another fan said, “Blackpink is basically dissing their antis on shutdown. I’d be too embarrassed to talk bad about the song so anyone who does looks stupid as hell.” Another fan said, “The lyrics (for Tally) are the best, it has some shit that I mess with can identify with, I’d say it’s a hard-hitting version of You never know lmao. And the music is great so 8/10.” Another fan said, “THANKS MAN SLEEP IT EVERY TYPA GIRL HYPING AS THE ONLY DISS TRACK COUNT IS LIKE HELLO?? I’M HERE TOO .” One fan said: “BORNPINK IS CRAZY GOOD
MY DARLING. 1. SHUT DOWN – For those who can’t stand BP. Best Diss. 2. THE HAPPIEST GIRL – For me 3. TALLY & TYPA GIRL – Best FU Anthem for my girls. They need it.”

Another fan said: “I was right, Shut Down, Typa Girl and Tally are the holy trinity of ‘I’m uncompromising, do whatever the hell I want and always win so you can cry about it’ and I love this for you!!” Another fan said, “TALLY IS A BETTER VERSION OF TYPA GIRL. It’s got that hot girl vibe once again?? But there’s so much more to the production!! Like the bass kinda is punchy!! It’s very nice, it’s fucking fucking you’re doing my thing on 8/10.” Another fan said: “Wake up and then listen to Born Pink album again http://. So much shit on you on this album and you haters deserve it you down! I love you girls so much.”

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