Monday, December 5, 2022

Black Adam: Who is Sarah Shahi’s Isis?

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In the film, Shahis Adrianna Tomaz/Isis is referred to as a resistance fighter in Kahndaq.

City on a Hill star Sarah Shahi is poised to play a key role in Black Adam, and the actress, known for starring in The L Word and Sex/Life, is set to have a big one Step forward DC flicks as part of their already impressive resume. Shahi will play Isis, part of the Shazam! family of characters. Shahi’s Isis is adapted from “The Secrets of Isis,” a popular live-action American Saturday morning television show.

In the film, Shahis Adrianna Tomaz/Isis is referred to as a resistance fighter in Kahndaq. And ahead of the film’s premiere, the 42-year-old spoke to Fandomwire to tease her character. “She’s kind of the leader of this kind of resistance movement. There’s a big oppressive gang that’s after the country and then I’m responsible for defeating them or getting the troops together to defeat them,” she said.

“And Black Adam, I’m very aware of the mythology, you know, it’s kind of like Indiana Jones meets Lara Croft… My character, Adriana, she’s very excited about the fact that he’s there and… encountering him a lot.” trepidation at the same time, you know. But she, you know, she becomes a Black Adam wrangler in a way.”

Who is Sarah Shahi’s Isis in Black Adam?

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While the film does its best to keep the details of Shahi’s character under wraps, fandom has a pretty lengthy explanation. “Professor Adrianna Tomaz is a professor at Kahndaqi University and a freedom fighter who leads the resistance in Kahndaq and secretly acts as the heroine Isis at night,” the site reads. Tomaz worked as an infiltrator to stop Intergang and managed to steal a sacred totem from the organization’s hands. Tomaz soon investigated the totem but was chased by a group of Intergang so she hid the totem so they wouldn’t find it. Without first calling her younger brother Karim to inform him of the location, Tomaz was later caught by the group taken and interrogated.”

While Shahi’s role in the film is much more than what’s actually explained, it remains to be seen if she eventually gets her own spin-off. With a TV show that airs early, there are always opportunities for a reboot depending on fan reaction to the character starring Dwayne Johnson. Much like Catwoman, she has the skills – stealth, combat prowess, and more importantly, the courage to take on threats – something you’d expect Shahi to pull off with ease.

Black Adam will be released in the US on October 21, 2022.

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