Sunday, October 17, 2021

Blac Chyna compared to Fauci after yelling “vaccinated” at Miami airport fans

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A Twitter user said, “Dr. Fauci is more careful because Blac Chyna might be coming for his job.”

Blac Chyna is hailed as an icon on social media after watching a video of her yelling at fans at the Miami airport and asking them to get the vaccine viral on social media. TMZ reported that her outbreak was triggered by a woman with a baby who came up to her and asked for a photo. “So get the damn vaccine and stop being stupid,” she yells in the video filmed by another traveler. Chyna was surrounded by her bodyguards at the airport. She is an advocate for the vaccine and received her injection from a doctor earlier this year, as seen in one of her live videos.

Blac Chyna also spoke about her Washington DC roots. “I’m not a broke bitch. No cap. From DC, from damn DC to Miami to LA. It’s like living it, what’s wrong? You can’t fuck with me. You can’t get my business.” “shouted the blue-haired celebrity. The video quickly garnered massive views on Twitter and many users made fun of her for screaming like this. “Cocaine is a drug of hell,” wrote one user and mocked the model.


“Dr. Fauci makes sure that Blac Chyna comes for his job”

The name of Dr. Anthony Fauci, Chief Medical Advisor to the President, was drawn into this situation with Blac Chyna and her pro-Vaxx stance. Many social media users joked about the fact that BC was doing what Fauci did and that he had to keep his back as the model could keep an eye on his job. “Blac Chyna is out here doing fauci work on the vaccine at our airports. They love to see it,” tweeted a fan. “‘Get vaccinated and stop being stupid hoe’ – Blac Chyna I think Dr. Fauci should say that in his next interview, “wrote another user of a job,” joked another user.

Breaking: Dr. Fauci has been replaced by Blac Chyna. She began her role today advocating equitable access to vaccines / adoption for Black Americans and people living in poverty. Ms. Chyna says the vaccine is the only way to regain the economy. ” on the right way. #blacchyna, “read another tweet.” Dr. Fauci better watch out because Blac Chyna might be coming for his job. This is the public service announcement some of you need about this goddamn vaccine, “quipped another.

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