Monday, December 5, 2022

‘BiP’ Season 8: Did Jacob Rapini Plan a ‘Naked Date’ to Get the Rose? Fans call Jill Chin ‘attention seekers’

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“Tarzan doesn’t mind being naked, now he has a Jane,” say BiP fans after spotting Jill and Jacob on a nude date

Where do most people go on a date? People usually go to a fancy restaurant or opt for a date on the beach, a candlelight dinner or something similar. But Jill Chin and Jacob Rapini’s date was very different from normal. They went on a nude date together. Although it was strange for Jill at first, she eventually liked it.

In Bachelor in Paradise Season 8 Episode 5, we saw Jacob and Jill standing naked with their backs to each other. They slowly turned and talked about their good looks. They also sat together in the bathtub, which was completely filled with flower petals and scented candles. Jill and Jacob seemed to get along really well. A few moments later they leaned into each other and kissed. Well, ‘BiP’ fans are speculating that if things continue between the two, Jill could end up giving her rose to Jacob at the upcoming rose ceremony. However, some fans criticized Jill for being an “attention seeker.” And on the other hand, fans slam Jacob for making that effort towards Jill just because he got a rose.


Jill Chin, with the help of Romeo Alexander, managed to stay on Bachelor in Paradise after accepting his rose, although she didn’t want to continue her connection with him. Since then, she’s been trying with all her might to connect with one of the single guys. Now Jill seems to have finally found her partner. But fans are slamming the star for forging a connection with Jacob just to garner attention. One fan tweeted: “Jacob wants a rose… Then he’ll find someone he can actually tell what he likes about her. Another wrote: “Tarzan has no problem being naked, now he has a Jane. As much as I think they’re both annoying, I hope they make it to the end. Let’s see if he can literally keep it in his pants when the other girl does come.” Additionally, one fan joked, “Imagine trying to explain that moment to someone who just walked into the room.”

Shortly after Jill and Jacob return from their nude date, Kira Mengistu re-enters the show, unaware of the fact that Jill and Jacob are involved. Angry, she took Jacob for a chat. This made Jill angry and she ran to her room thinking about whether Jacob liked her or just wanted to hang out with other girls. “BiP” fans slammed Jill for being “immature” and “insecure” all the time. One fan tweeted: “Jill’s insecurities are showing and it’s not looking good. How will she act when Jacob is hanging out with a friend if she ends up with Jacob. Stay positive.” Another wrote, “And to be fair to her…Jill and Jacob didn’t start until after the rose ceremony right? Additionally, one fan claimed: “I love Brittany. Hope Jacob ends up with Kira and runs to Jill before she goes to bed! Tarzan, please hunt your Jane!”

Season 8 of Bachelor in Paradise airs Mondays and Tuesdays from 8:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. ET.

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