Wednesday, December 1, 2021

BIGBANG’s G-Dragon is teaming up with Nike and promoting genderless fashion with “Kwondo 1”

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K-Pop star G-Dragon partners with Nike to bring out its latest limited edition shoe collection, Peaceminusone x Nike Kwondo 1

BIGBANG is considered one of the pioneers of K-Pop. Aside from laying the groundwork for the Hallyu wave and the global spread of K-pop, BIGBANG was one of the first K-pop acts to shift from music to other areas like fashion. In fact, the group’s leader, G-Dragon, became one of the earliest K-pop brand ambassadors when Chanel brought him in to endorse their brand. Many people claim that the concept of promoting luxury fashion houses in the east is due to G-Dragon’s successful collaboration with Chanel. His reputation as a fashion icon continues to this day and he has now teamed up with Nike to promote genderless fashion.

One of the highest paid K-pop artists, G-Dragon has been the face of several brands including Kappa, Hyundai, Nike, and Samsung. When it comes to art, the BIGBANG star has tried her hand at everything from photography to fine art, hosting art exhibitions, and partnering with Vogue for limited-edition collections and pop-up stores. After finishing his military draft in 2019, Nike reached out to him again to create a new collection of shoes. They released the Peaceminusone x Air Force 1 Para-Noise. Now they have worked together again for a second collection.

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G-Dragon was the first K-Pop artist to collaborate with Nike on a collection. The latest shoe collection is a collaboration between his clothing label Peaceminusone and Nike. The collection called Peaceminusone x Nike Kwondo 1 is a combination of traditional sneakers and formal shoes like brogues. The Nike logo has been upgraded from the black checkmark to colorful ones like pink, blue and green.

But what stood out was the inspiration behind the collection as G-Dragon explained, “Kwondo 1 stands for women / men, sport / formal and everything that is simply divided into dichotomy, and freedom of movement that can be expressed in everything … through this integrative message and design, we encourage you to overcome all limits of defined by society and create our own rules and future. “

The name “Kwondo 1” is a play on words with Taekwondo, Nike’s “Just do it” slogan and G-Dragon’s real name, Kwon Ji-yong. The limited collection includes just 111 pairs and will be available for sale on December 3rd on the Nike website and in other select stores. Fans were touched when G-Dragon gave gift pairs to BIGBANG member Taeyang and his friends and family.

G-Dragon teams up with Nike for Kwondo 1

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