Sunday, August 7, 2022

BIG WIN for Britney Spears: Singer ‘won’t testify’ if dad Jamie gets grilled for conservatory abuse

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On July 27, a post-conservatory hearing involving Britney and her father, Jamie, was held in Los Angeles

Although Britney was able to break free from the conservatory last year, which ran from 2008 to 2021, she remains embroiled in litigation involving her father Jamie. According to Deadline, a post-conservatory hearing involving Britney and her father was held in downtown Los Angeles on July 27, with Judge Brenda Penny, who recently ordered Britney’s father to answer questions about alleged surveillance while at the conservatory ask, decided the pop star will not have to sit down to testify in the fight for her father, who appears to have exploited her for money and status and emotionally abused her for years. The Page Six report also suggests Jamie has also been accused of spying on Britney by secretly monitoring her cell phone and placing an audio recording device in her bedroom, which he denies. As reported by TMZ, the judge said that any information Jamie needs in his defense can be obtained from other sources, such as documents and presumably other witnesses.

Britney Spears’ legal drama starring her father Jamie Spears has received an update. The 40-year-old singer will reportedly not be subpoenaed over allegations that Jamie abused his position as a conservator.


Britney Spears claims dad Jamie said ‘he was Britney’ and took away her womanhood

Jamie Spears to schedule the interview

As DailyMail reported, in June, Jamie’s attorney, Alex Weingarten, asked the pop star to testify about the “incendiary allegations of various factual matters” she had made on social media. Jamie wanted to question Britney about the allegations that she was forced to donate eight tubes of blood for medical treatment, was on therapy and was not allowed to possess painkillers. However, Britney’s attorney Mathew Rosengart told the court that taking Britney to testify was “retaliation”. He went on to say that the singer could not give testimony on Conservatory matters as she was the victim and that she would be traumatized again if she asked any questions about it.

Both attorneys had attempted to remove each other’s clients after Britney called her conservatorship “abusive” during a public court speech in June 2021.

Judge Brenda ruled that 70-year-old Jamie must schedule testimony by Aug. 12 after he was previously served with notices by Britney’s attorney to hold testimony and failed to show up, Page Six reported.

During the hearing, the judge issued an interim order requiring Britney’s former chief executive officer, Lou Taylor, and her Tri Star Sports & Entertainment Group associate, Robin Greenhill, also to be removed and to turn over paperwork related to the electronic surveillance. The report also quotes Tri Star’s attorney, Scott Edelman, in a statement saying, “Today was a great day” for the firm, adding, “We look forward to being removed, moving forward with this process and ensuring that the… full truth is communicated.”

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