Monday, November 28, 2022

‘Big Brother’: Why Taylor Hale is in the game against the return of food competitions

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A thing that could give a houseguest a wrench Big Brother Venison is not well fed. Her diet has been manipulated since the reality show began. Taylor Hale, the winner of big brother 24, explains why she is against the return of food competitions.

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Big Brother House guests used to struggle to eat a varied diet for a week. For example, in Season 2, houseguests often had to work together in competitions to get the food they wanted for the week. But in other competitions, they played against each other so someone could lose, and they could only eat peanut butter and jelly for a week.

House guests often spoke of how disgusted they were with the sandwich after eating it so many times. So they tried to fight hard to get more variety in their diet. The eating contests stopped after that big brother 10.

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Fans want some old aspects of Big Brother to return to new seasons. One of them is the food competitions.

On Nov. 22, in response to Taylor’s call to bring back the pressure cooker competition, a fan tweeted, “Luxury comps, food comps, go shopping ole Slip n Slide.”

“Luxury comps – yes, food comps – no. We don’t know people’s dietary needs/restrictions and I often wonder if these compounds could trigger someone who has a negative relationship with food (eating disorders). Also — I refuse to be on the block for grabbing @lays over pork chops,” Taylor tweeted in response.

The food competitions have been tough for people with food restrictions. If they are outnumbered by other house guests who eat differently, their food will most likely be limited for the week. Vegetarians and vegans are usually outnumbered in the Big Brother house.

Big brother all stars introduced slop to the game, replacing peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. The have/have-not contest then replaced the food contest.

Now have-nots are determined by society instead of by competition. Sometimes the HOH has to choose who is a have-not, sometimes people volunteer, and sometimes the House agrees that the people who did worst in the HOH contest should be on slop.

The have-nots sleep in an uncomfortable room, are only allowed to take cold showers and only eat slag. If they break the rules, they could face a fine. The basis of Slop is steel-cut oats. House guests are given a list of spices and condiments they are allowed to use to flavor the slop. But they are not allowed to use anything that is not on the list.

Houseguests have gotten more and more creative with Slop over time. They baked it into chips like Azah Awasum did big brother 23 and more.

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