Tuesday, November 29, 2022

‘Big Brother’ Kyland Young is reportedly cuddling with reality TV star Aubrey O’Day

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Reality TV star and singer Aubrey O’Day revealed her and Big Brother Star Kyland Young began a romantic relationship and have been cuddling and kissing.

In a Nov. 19 interview with In Touch Weekly, reality TV star Aubrey O’Day opened up about her love life, including the blossoming relationship Big Brother Stars Kyland Young.

She revealed the two “snuggle at night” and kissed. The Danity Kane singer called him a “beautiful person” and admitted she’s “so in love with the man that he is”.

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While it seems that O’Day has developed feelings for Young, she also shared that she is entertaining someone else.

That ex on the beach star has an OnlyFans account where she plans to release a music video and interacts with her followers. She encouraged her fans to address her if they liked her because “Kyland didn’t put a ring on it.”

In 2004, O’Day rose to fame on the MTV reality TV series. make tape 3where she eventually became a member of the girl group Danity Kane.

Around the time they released their first album in 2006, she had been dating producer DJ Cassidy for about a year. She was also linked to actor Evan Ross in 2007 and actor Quddus a year later. In 2008, record executive Sean “Diddy” Combs fired O’Day from Danity Kane because he thought she had changed with fame.

The singer then tried a solo career when she starred as Amber Von Tussle in the musical hairspray on Broadway and appeared on the reality game show The celebrity apprentice 5. She has since opened up about an alleged affair with then-married Donald Trump Jr. and consider each other “soul mates.”

A few years later, she began dating Travis Garland and they tried to strengthen their relationship along the way Marriage Bootcamp: Reality Stars (Season 3). However, they officially ended it in 2015 after dating for over a year. After their breakup, she began seeing Jersey Shore Star Pauly D DelVecchio and went on again Marriage Bootcamp beside him. The two decided to end their relationship in 2018 during the series finale. O’Day performed as a single until 2019 when she met Mark Jansen ex on the beach 3 However, they both claimed that they weren’t that in love with each other.

Young made his reality TV debut in 2021 big brother 23. During the first week of the competition, he teamed up with Xavier Prather, Tiffany Mitchell, Derek Frazier, Hannah Chaddha and Azah Awasum to form The Cookout.

All members had the same goal, to give one of them victory and make them the first black champion of the American franchise.

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With Tiffany’s plan requiring them to publicly mate with someone outside of their group, the Alliance seamlessly made it into the final six and made history. Young finished fourth as Prather viewed him as his biggest threat to the win.

While in the house that Big Brother Star fueled romance rumors with Mitchell when the two were caught cuddling in the head of household’s room. They further fueled the fire by posting pictures of each other after the show. He also helped spark dating rumors The challenge: United States Actress Cashay Proudfoot due to a video of her dancing on him. However, she claimed it was innocent fun for his birthday.

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