Monday, November 28, 2022

‘Big Brother’: Confused by Double Eviction episode, Taylor now knows why ‘Non-Feeders’ are against her win

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It’s rare that a winner of Big Brother doesn’t get backlash from fans who think he or she doesn’t deserve the win. Taylor Hale addressed receiving similar backlash, but she learned a reason why some fans don’t understand her game.

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The first half of the double eviction episode featured Matt “Turner” Turner telling Monte Taylor that the women had formed a women’s alliance. Turner considered working with Michael Bruner and Monte to eliminate the women.

Monte said in the journal room that maybe taking out Michael wouldn’t make sense for his game anymore. Monte and Turner suggested this to Michael. He agreed because he couldn’t compete in the next household headship contest and that might protect him.

Fans couldn’t see what the women were doing before the first eviction. But the second eviction showed Monte gaining the power of veto, and he urged Turner to take Michael out the back door. They did, and fans gave Monte credit for the move, unaware that Taylor had persuaded him to do so.

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The winner is still working her way through the episodes of the season. On November 23, she tweeted an update.

“I’ve just watched the first half of double eviction week and… I’m confused. This has probably been my best week in terms of strategy and all I see is an all-guy alliance forming? she tweeted.

“They really don’t know how to edit most really good social players and it’s quite frustrating watching the show. They usually opt for the most elementary storylines, which often involve boring stuff like all-guys alliances,” Andy Herren, winner of big brother 15‘ replied.

“I don’t even blame them for showing the plan of this alliance but not showing the collapse of this alliance that led to the double,” Taylor replied to Andy. “I mean, come on!”

“I haven’t seen the episodes yet. I really hope they cut the DR of me expressing how I hate alliances of men and don’t want to be part of it [laughing emojis] ‘ Michael tweeted. “Meanwhile, I’m making the target on your back bigger and bigger,” Taylor replied with crying emojis.

Taran Armstrong from Rob has a podcast tweeted on September 9th, “By the way, in case anyone got caught up in the back and forth this week, I give Taylor full credit for the eviction of Michael, as Monte & Turner is still on with their gentleman’s agreement before that fully on board they nudge Monte (several times) for targeting Michael. #BB24.”

Taylor quoted that tweet and wrote, “Now I understand why non-feeders are pushing more against my win. I will never discredit Monte for winning and using this veto (also a great comp win)! He pressed the button to make a crucial move. But someone has to build and connect the wires for the button to work! It’s me! Hi!”

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