Wednesday, October 27, 2021

“Big Brother” alum Victor Arroyo injured after a car accident

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Big Brother 18’s Victor Arroyo was injured in a car crash near his home in Michigan on October 12th.

Although he reported that his injuries were minor (“minor ankle injury and a sore neck”), the new father took up his Instagram story to warn his followers to “be careful out there”. Arroyo’s wife and “Big Brother” colleague Nicole Franzel explained what happened in her Instagram story. While Arroyo was driving, a deer came out on the road and it “tried to avoid it and ended up in a ditch,” wrote Franzel in her story.

In his story, Arroyo added that the car blew up during the incident. He called Franzel, a qualified nurse, his “home nurse” and assured his followers that he would be fine. “Crutches for a week and I’m fine,” he said.

Arroyo posted photos of his car wreck on his Instagram story. “The car has been totaled, but we’re glad he’s fine,” wrote Franzel in her story. “Watch out for deer (especially now) and hug your loved ones tightly. Life is unpredictable. Sometimes it takes something like this to remind us how fragile life is, ”she added.

Arroyo is a Michigan State Trooper. According to WNEM, Arroyo graduated from the 136th Trooper Recruit School in December 2019. He gave a speech at his graduation ceremony.

In November 2019, he gave Franzel a shoutout on Instagram and said she was “so great and supportive through this process” of his training.

In May 2021, Franzel announced on Instagram that Arroyo was back at school on his days off.

On July 23, 2021, Arroyo and Franzel welcomed a son, Victor “Arrow” Arroyo IV. Arroyo shared the news on Franzel’s Instagram account.

“We take our skin-to-skin time super seriously and we haven’t put it down, we’re actually fighting for it,” Arroyo wrote in the caption.

In an Instagram post, Franzel revealed the inspiration for the nickname Arrow. “Thanks to the Coco Caliente listener on our podcast Facebook page who accidentally entered Arrow instead of Arroyo – you are the reason we came up with that name,” she wrote.

Because Baby Arrow was injured, Franzel had a caesarean section. During an Instagram story question and answer, Franzel revealed the health anxiety she had after the operation.

“I ended up bleeding pretty badly and thought I was bleeding because I went through the sanitary towels so quickly and went to the emergency room a few days ago. It was so sudden and bleeding so badly that it scared me. But I feel a little better every day, ”she wrote in response to a fan who asked about her recovery.

However, her general message about her caesarean section was very positive. “It was SO FAST and so easy. I literally can’t believe it. For those of you who have a planned caesarean section, don’t worry !! ”she wrote on her Instagram story.

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