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‘Big Brother 24’: Turner admits he and Alyssa Snider didn’t speak for a month after the show

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big brother 24 Finalist Matt “Turner” considered Alyssa Snider one of his best friends in the house, but had to vote her out to show her loyalty to ally Monte Taylor. She apparently took it personally, as Turner recently noted that the two didn’t speak to each other for a month after the show ended.

throughout their time on big brother 24, Matt “Turner” and Alyssa Snider became good friends. Initially, he was a key member of the dominant alliance The Leftovers.

However, when her boyfriend Kyle Capener disembarked, he followed her example and joined forces with him, Alyssa and then-head of household Terrance Higgins to form the short-lived After Party.

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Turner proved his allegiance the following week by nominating leftover members Taylor Hale and Brittany Hoopes. However, when Michael Bruner revealed Kyle’s playing field to team up against the non-white houseguests, Turner mistakenly assumed they were secretly aligned and felt it was best for the house.

After his exit, Alyssa hooked up with her boyfriend Turner, but he had a stronger bond with Monte Taylor. When the competition died down in week 10, he nominated Alyssa and Brittany for the eviction, with the latter being his target. However, she saved herself with the power of the veto.

Monte put Taylor on the block for Turner, and the thrift store owner wanted to stay loyal to his ally. So he opted to evict Alyssa over Taylor, which upset the Florida native.

She threatened their friendship if he didn’t vote to keep her, which got under Turner’s skin when he thought they could keep the game separate.

Instead, Brittany gave her a sympathy vote, teasing Turner for not being able to do the same. When Turner made the last three, the friends couldn’t discuss things in the jury.

A few months after the finals, Turner uploaded a YouTube video in which he answered several questions about his time Big Brother. When asked if he and Alyssa were still friends, he admitted they didn’t communicate with each other for a month after the show wrapped. Since then, however, they have spoken to each other several times and seem to get along well. He later said she was invited to the wedding by him and his fiancée, Megan Belmonte.

A month after the finale, Turner announced his engagement to Megan in an Instagram photoshoot that documented the proposal at a Vermont pumpkin patch.

The couple have been together for at least three years and recently bought a thrift store which they run together.

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Around the same time, Alyssa and Kyle got back together in their Florida hometown. Although the couple split right before their eviction, it seems they’ve reignited their romance by making it official on Instagram.

The couple also enjoyed a vacation in Hawaii. Although they hadn’t announced a relationship, he admitted he was in love with her. big brother 24 can be streamed on Paramount+.

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