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Big Brother 24 Kyle Capener Admits He’s In Love With Alyssa Snider

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Alyssa Snider and Kyle Capener dated during big brother 24 for a few weeks before dumping him just before his eviction. After revealing at the finale that they were “hopeful” about their future relationship, the pair reunited in their Florida hometown before vacationing in Hawaii. The two recently posted a question and answer on Instagram, in which he admitted to falling in love with his castmate.

One month later big brother 24 Wrapped up, showmanship Alyssa Snider and Kyle Capener are back together in their Florida hometown after splitting up at the house.

However, they appeared to make their relationship official on Instagram after the trip. A few weeks after their reunion, the duo headed to Hawaii to take care of his friend’s dogs. During the vacation, they shot an Instagram video in which they answered several questions about themselves and their relationship.

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When asked about their first impressions of each other, Kyle recalled seeing Alyssa wearing a “shimmery top” and entering the backstage boss contest. Because the players had to hold on to a pole for a while, Kyle said he wondered if her shirt would come loose in the process.

The Utah native also recalled their first conversation, in which he told Alyssa she would make him fall in love with her. Kyle admitted he did, adding, “It was a wrap.” The two were also asked about dating again, but that Big Brother Stars didn’t answer the question.

Showmance rumors surrounding Kyle and Alyssa started heating up in week 2 when he called her the “cutest girl I’ve ever met.”

The pair began flirting and she revealed information he was using to his advantage with alliances she was unaware of, causing her ally Ameerah Jones to go blind.

They became a showmance in week 4 and officially started dating two weeks later after he opposed the Leftovers Alliance to save them.

The following week, during the split house twist, the pair ended up at Dyre Fest together, where Kyle took the opportunity to jump ship with Alyssa by turning on the leftovers. Though they had momentum over the next week when Matt “Turner,” a member of their newly formed after-party alliance, won the title of head of household.

After Turner made his stance clear with his nominations, Michael Bruner revealed Kyle’s pitch for white houseguest collaboration, assuming the non-white houseguests had secretly formed an alliance.

Thinking it was best for everyone, Turner went behind the door of his closest ally. When his pitch came to light, Alyssa dropped Kyle for a variety of reasons.

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The Florida native felt her boyfriend wasn’t supportive and ended things in an emotional conversation. However, fans weren’t sure how separated the two were as they apparently got back together afterward.

A few times around the house, Alyssa referred to a “special” person she had at home and seemed to regret her decision to start a relationship with Kyle while she was at the house. Big Brother can be streamed on Paramount+.

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