Monday, October 25, 2021

“Big Brother 23:” Whitney asks Claire for help clearing up the rumors

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Anything you say in the Big Brother house can and usually will be used against you.

94 cameras and 114 microphones continuously record house guests. For Whitney Williams, who was the fourth houseguest to be evicted on Big Brother 23, it’s something someone else says she said it haunts her.

Claire Rehfuss and Whitney could be seen talking on the live feed. After Whitney left, Claire spoke directly into her microphone. “Very strange. She doesn’t believe in Sandy Hook. I don’t know,” says Claire.

After her eviction, Whitney learned that fans believed she was a conspiracy theorist who thinks the Sandy Hook shooting is a joke. On an Instagram Live, Whitney said the incident was a miscommunication. According to Whitney, Claire told her that some of the house guests were discussing conspiracy theories, and she responded by rattling a few popular ones, including Sandy Hook. She didn’t say she herself believed Sandy Hook never happened.

“I never said Sandy Hook never happened. It clearly happened. Aware of that, “said Whitney on Instagram Live.

Now that Claire is out of the Big Brother house, she can speak to whatever she heard Whitney say. On Twitter, Whitney replied to a fan who wondered if Claire had brought up the situation since she left the house.

“I sent her a message and asked if we could talk about what happened. I’ve already contacted Derek X and Big D. I don’t want to have hard feelings with anyone. (Unlike Brent, he can fuck right away) “Whitney tweeted.

At this point in time, Claire and Whitney haven’t had a conversation about it. “I told her that I don’t have bad feelings, but that I would like to get together to discuss and clarify what happened and she replied that she will get back to me after spending time with friends and family . ” Whitney wrote in another tweet.

The “Big Brother 23” alum was also added another tweet“If something I said or did around the house affects me, I know I would try to fix it right away, but maybe she doesn’t know or understand how much hatred I’ve gotten from it. “

As a guest on Derrick Levasseur and Cody Calafiore’s show The Winner’s Circle, Whitney didn’t hold back when it came to her opinion on Derek Frazier. Frazier finished second on “Big Brother 23” and was criticized for not respecting the female houseguests.

“Derek F. was incredibly disrespectful to everyone, especially women,” said Whitney Derrick and Cody. “I think he has a right, I think he has the wrong idea about women and I hate the fact that he just won $ 750,000 because he’s the easiest person in the house to beat.”

Derek F. was not impressed by their comments. He retweeted the video and wrote: “I just got home. Is that one of the new girls from # Survivor41, ”which means he doesn’t know Whitney.

When a Twitter user said Whitney they “manifested” that Derek F. apologized to her, Whitney responded, “For this we need a little stronger juju ..”

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