Thursday, December 2, 2021

Biden goes back to Rittenhouse’s comments, trolls call the U-turn “accusable criminal offense”

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President, who initially said he was “on the jury,” later announced that he was “angry and concerned” and was attracting trolls

President Joe Biden has again become a troll target after an abrupt U-turn in his stance on the Kyle Rittenhouse verdict. From Donald Trump Jr. to regular internet users, many people had a lot to say about the president and his strange double attitudes. It comes hours after Kamala Harris briefly assumed the presidency when Biden underwent a colonoscopy at Walter Reed Medical Center.

The criticism comes at a difficult time for Biden, whose numerous slip-ups have left his team with a red face. Additionally, there is rumor of a dispute between Biden and Harris in which the VP was reportedly excluded from important meetings with the president. To silence critics, the duo hugged at the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act signing ceremony on Jan.


From “the system is working” to “angry and worried”

Biden already has a rather strained relationship with the public through Rittenhouse. During the election campaign, Biden shared a video calling the kenosha shooter a “white supremacist,” a claim that has led to a threat of lawsuit. That hasn’t happened yet, but its U-turn resulted in users bringing it up again while finding plenty of other ways to troll him.

Shortly after landing from the White House hospital, Biden was met by a group of reporters eager to hear his opinion on the verdict. He told them: “Look, I stand by what the jury has decided. The jury system works and we have to adhere to it.” It was a quick, spontaneous response from Biden, who also admitted not seeing the trial. Here is the full exchange, as taped and shared by NBC White House correspondent Kelly O’Donnell:

But a little over an hour later, the President decided to interfere again and seemed to have made a startling U-turn in his stance. The White House released a brief statement from Biden in which he said, “While the Kenosha ruling will feel angry and worried many Americans, including myself, we must acknowledge that the jury has spoken.” He also called for peace and quiet and said he spoke to Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers.

While Biden didn’t specifically say how he felt in his interactions with reporters, the change in tone was palpable and clearly surprised many. It also gave the Conservatives the ideal fuel they needed, and they quickly started beating and trolling Biden.

“Biden, 2:29 pm,“ The process worked. ”Biden, 72 minutes later,“ I’m angry and concerned about the process. “Biden is not responsible for this administration,” one user tweeted. Donald Trump Jr. scoffed, “The Rittenhouse jury has just given Biden his second colonoscopy of the day.” Author Don Winslow admitted, “I really wish President Biden, when asked about Kyle Rittenhouse’s verdict today, had simply said,“ I won’t comment. ”Instead, his response will come back to haunt him and us . “

“Joe Biden’s testimony today after the Rittenhouse ruling is a criminal offense,” joked Rep. Anthony Sabatini. One person tweeted: “Joe Biden made a statement saying he was” angry and concerned “about the Rittenhouse NOT GUILTY jury’s verdict. It’s a shame he wasn’t so angry and worried about the riots, looting and arson that took place during the 2020 “Summer of Fury”. Maybe none of that would have happened. “Another commented,” Biden’s statement on the Rittenhouse verdict. No apology. “One person commented,” When Joe Biden spoke to the media an hour ago, he openly admitted the Rittenhouse trial Just a few minutes ago he issued a statement saying he was “angry and concerned” about the Rittenhouse ruling. So he’s openly expressing an ignorant opinion. Dangerous. “

There’s a good chance Rittenhouse will live up to his threat to sue Biden because Biden called him a “white racist” before he took office. So far, the teen has not commented on the possible lawsuit following his acquittal, but you can expect something in the days to come as the president faces historically low support and the GOP is eager to take advantage of it.

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