Saturday, January 14, 2023

‘Best Day Of My Life’: Shane Dawson Weds Ryland Adams In Court Ceremony After 7 Years Of Dating

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PARKER, COLORADO: YouTubers Shane Dawson and Ryland Adams are married after a seven-year relationship. The conspiracy theorist and documentary filmmaker, 34, and the vlogger, 31, shared the exciting news on Instagram with a photo of them kissing outside a courthouse on Thursday, January 12. Shane and Ryland married on January 3, 2023 in Colorado. They also shared a 23-minute vlog documenting their seven-year relationship and the big day on their YouTube channel.

“We are married!! ❤️ the best day of my life. :)” the Instagram post read. “We’re getting married today!” an elated Dawson previously shared in the YouTube video, as Adams added, “I honestly can’t believe it!” “We really started planning our wedding for a specific day,” Adams continued. “We started telling our family to book the day. We had the day planned and the event planned for what we thought would be our wedding. Logistically, it’s better to get our marriage license in Colorado, and because we’re leaving to return to California tomorrow, today is the last day we have to implement that.” The couple have been together since 2016. Shane made Ryland on their third anniversary proposed marriage in 2019.


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“I thought it was like, you know, we just go to court, do the paperwork, don’t really tell anyone, and then have the wedding in LA in a month or two — and then I found out, no, it’s a real one.” Wedding,” Dawson added. “We must take vows.” “It’s about time we both got married!” Adams said, adding that they hope to have children by the end of the year. To make the day even more special, Ryland wore the same shirt he was wearing when Shane proposed to him, while his husband joked about wearing the same underwear he wore on their first date.

They documented the entire court experience, including reading their vows out loud and sharing their first official kiss as a couple. The couple tried getting finger tattoos instead of wedding rings to commemorate the day, but decided against it after an artist explained the tattoos would eventually rub off. They decided to treat themselves to a “wedding cake” instead, so they went to a Voodoo Donuts. In the following scene, the two revealed the exciting news to their family, and the video ended with a look back at some of their most memorable times together.

At the end of the heartwarming wedding anniversary video, Adams read out a message he wrote to himself in 2015 that summarized what was to come. “One aspect that I lack in my life is love,” he said. “I’ve always worked so hard to pay rent, get jobs and support my family in LA, not to mention I’ve never had a perfect boy fall into my lap by accident. I always push it aside, but the older I get, the harder it is to do. I want someone who I can share my successes with, who is there and with whom I can experience the world.”

He added, “The problem with that is I’m addicted to work… it’s the life I love, but I feel like I have to give. I intend to work hard. I intend to find love. I intend to do what is right for me. I choose happy.”

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