Sunday, December 5, 2021

Bereaved families urge Matt Hancock to “have a little humility” while planning Covid reminders

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“If he thinks he won the Covid war, it’s hard not to feel like our loved ones have been used as cannon fodder,” families said

The families of those who lost their lives to Covid-19 urge Matt Hancock to “have a little humility” as he sets out to write a book called “How I Won The Covid War”.

The former health minister is aiming for a £ 100,000 book deal on the crisis. The daily mail reported and wrote a report on his “heroic” role in the UK vaccine campaign.

He is reportedly in talks with HarperCollins about the six-figure deal.

Mr. Hancock spoke last night the post: “I was approached to write a book, but no decisions were made.”

Lobby Akinnola, spokesman for Covid-19 Bereaved Families for Justice, accused Mr. Hancock of “cashing in” the tragedy.

Mr. Akinnola spoke with I about the tragic death of his father Olufemi Akinnola, who lost his life to Covid after going to work as a carer wearing a scarf and gloves because he did not have adequate PPE.

“The fact that Matt Hancock believes it is appropriate for a bereaved to hear his opinion of the death of their loved one before the truth emerges from the investigation says everything about the demeanor of the man who the ‘worst’ UK public health failure ever, ‘said Mr Akinnola.

“You’d think that the Minister of Health, who chaired one of the world’s worst deaths, would have a certain humility or would try to reflect on the many lives lost instead of trying to take advantage of the tragedy.

“If he thinks he has won the Covid war, it’s hard not to have the feeling that our loved ones have been used as cannon fodder.”

Mr. Hancock’s performance has been heavily criticized by former Downing Street advisor Dominic Cummings. Mr Cummings targeted Mr Hancock as he testified in a Commons investigation into the pandemic, adding that the Minister of Health “should have been discharged several times”.

The Prime Minister did not mince his words when he branded him “completely hopeless” in a leaked WhatsApp message.

The prime minister is said to have been on the verge of firing him in April 2020 before being removed from office when it was discovered he had violated lockdown rules during an affair with his old university friend and government adviser, Gina Colangelo.

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