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‘Below Deck Sailing Yacht’: Fans praise Daisy for not promoting Ashley to second stew

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While Ashley was busy playing games to earn the promotion, Daisy began to notice that her third stew was obsessed with becoming the second stew

At the beginning of the charter season, Chief Stew Daisy Kelliher deposed her two stews and divided the work between them. Based on her previous work experience, Daisy decided to cook Gabriela Barragan as the second stew and Ashley Marti as the third stew. Being the lowest in the hierarchy, Ashley was less than happy with her title and began scheming and plotting to get promoted to the second stew position.

Ashley’s tactic worked briefly when Gabriela was so worn down by the mind games and toxicity that she decided to end Below Deck Sailing Yacht. Just when Ashley thought the coast was clear for her big promotion, new stew Scarlett Bentley was thrown into the mix. Although Ashley initially felt threatened by the new stew, she calmed down when she learned that Scarlett had very limited work experience. Ashley was very confident that she would be promoted so she approached Daisy in confidence and asked if a decision had been made on it.


While Ashley was busy playing games to earn the promotion, Daisy noticed her third stew’s obsession with becoming the second stew and felt that those might not have been the right reasons. So Daisy explained to Ashley that she would not be promoted to second stew, but would be on the same level as Scarlett as junior stew. When Ashley tried to explain that she had more work experience and more knowledge, so she deserved the promotion, Daisy shut it down immediately. The Chief Stew expressed that becoming a second stew isn’t about bossing people around, it’s about working as a team. With Ashley not showing any team player skills, Daisy wasn’t sure if she was right for the second stew position.

However, while Ashley looked unhappy with Daisy’s decision, fans were pretty excited about it. Many fans took to Twitter to praise Daisy’s decision. One fan tweeted: “Daisy wasn’t perfect in how she handled that situation when Gabby was there but her handling of Ashley tonight? Amazing. #BelowDeckSailing.” “Daisy made the right choice in making them juniors. Clearly Ashley is not ready to be in a position of power #underdecksailing,” one fan wrote. “I love that Daisy said, ‘No. You’re not the second stew.” Put the pedal to the metal and Ashley will go insane. #belowdecksailing,” commented one fan. “Daisy is a real leader!!!! #belowdecksailing #BelowDeck,” explained one fan. “I laugh so hard that Daisy didn’t give Ashley a second stew when she was sooo sure she was going to get it. #underdecksailing,” added one fan.

Fans also duped Ashley about her foiled plans to become the second stew. One fan commented, “Obsessing over being second is no way to go through life Ashley #belowdecksailing.” because she sucks. #belowdecksailing,” one fan pointed out. “I’m REALLY sick of Ashley with that second stew crap!! She’s just nasty and jealous of every girl. It must have SEVERAL seats!!!

Below Deck Sailing Yacht Season 3 airs every Monday at 8/7c on Bravo.

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