Saturday, June 25, 2022

‘Below Deck Sailing Yacht’: Ashley Brags About Dating Gary, Fans Call It ‘Disgusting’

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Fans took to Twitter to remind Ashley that her meeting with Gary was nothing special as it could be classified as sexual assault

Below Deck Sailing Yacht star Ashley Marti’s popularity with fans continues to decline with each episode. While fans have been put off by her obsession with becoming a second stew, her behavior towards first officer Gary King only makes her look worse.

Although Gary made it very clear that he had no interest in her, Ashley continued to pursue him. When Gary started showing interest in her nemesis, aka Gabriela Barragan, Ashley was riled up to no end. When Gary got really drunk, Ashley forced herself on him just to get her claim on him. If Ashley thought Gary would be interested in her after their drunk date, then she couldn’t be more wrong. While walking around town claiming that she and Gary had sex, Ashley kept denying it, saying he didn’t remember it. Things got even more chaotic when new one-pot Scarlett Bentley joined the crew. Gary was instantly attracted to the new girl and left Ashley angry. To keep Scarlet from pursuing Gary, Ashley began bragging about having sex with Gary.


Just like their fellow crew members, fans cringed when they saw Ashley’s crazy behavior. Many fans took to Twitter to remind Ashley that her meeting with Gary was nothing special as it could be classified as sexual assault since he didn’t give his consent and she forced herself on him. One fan tweeted: “Hey Ashley it’s tea time… everyone’s embarrassed for you… you obviously raped Gary and now you’re bragging about it. #Belowdecksailing.” “Whether you want to acknowledge it or not, it happened” *Ashley grins* GIRL YOU SEXUALLY ABUSED GARY. Another fan wondered, “The more Ashley brags about raping Gary and thinks it’s a brag…why isn’t anyone on board calling her about it?” #belowdecksailing.” “For Ashley to brag about raping Gary is repulsive. #BelowDeckSailing,” explained one fan. “Ashley really doubles down on sexually assaulting Gary just so the new girl doesn’t mess with him. #belowdecksailing,” added one fan.

Another fan shared: “Oh my god! Ashley keeps admitting to attacking Gary #belowdecksailing.” “Mmmm, Ashley is lucky Gary doesn’t remember because what she did to him was borderline SA. #belowdecksailing,” one fan pointed out. “And Ashley, you might want to stop talking about how you had sex with Gary. He clearly doesn’t remember it and we all heard you attacked him. Imagine if the roles were reversed. #Underdecksails,” commented one fan.

Below Deck Sailing Yacht Season 3 airs every Monday at 8/7c on Bravo.

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