Tuesday, January 24, 2023

“Below Deck”: Captain Lee shadows Captain Sandy for Camille’s shot – “That’s called respect”

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Captain Lee Rosbach agreed deck/stew Camille Lamb should have been shot Under deck but was clearly unhappy that he only found out about it after the fact. Captain Sandy Yawn lowered the boom after giving Camille several chances and called Captain Lee shortly after releasing her.

He was home recovering from an injury. Captain Lee agreed with Captain Sandy’s decision and nodded when she told him that she had fired Camille. But on Twitter, he made it absolutely clear that he wasn’t happy she didn’t tell him before firing Camille.

Captain Lee was forced to step down from the boat temporarily due to injury and Captain Sandy took over. The midseason trailer shows Captain Lee returning to the boat. And sure, the crew dynamics will have changed after his return.

In the final episode, Captain Sandy is seen firing Camille. Captain Lee commented“So I found out she fired one of my crew, not before. Ok?” Initially, some fans wondered if he wouldn’t have fired Camille.

Captain Lee replied, “I would have fired her. but before that I would have told the captain who I would be replacing, what I was doing and why not afterwards.”

Under deck Fans quickly discovered that Captain Lee had no problem with Camille being fired but was not notified in a timely manner. One fan clarified that Captain Sandy was acting captain in his absence.

“Yes, she was, and as I have done in the past with other captains I have filled in for,” he replied. “If there was one of their crew that I needed to quit, I did so, but only after telling the captain I was filling in for what I was doing and why, and before I did it. That’s called respect.”

At this point, Captain Lee went back and forth with several fans on Twitter as to whether he should have been notified beforehand. “You are entitled to your opinion,” he told a fan. “But you don’t come in to replace a captain and fire your crew before you let them know. Not very respectful. Nothing I have ever done or would ever do.”

He added: “She did it on TV in front of how many people without even asking me. That doesn’t sound very private to me at all.”

Although Camille was fired, she didn’t seem to take it too personally. She recently attended the Captain Lee and Captain Sandy events held in South Florida. Captain Sandy also reiterated her policy regarding the relationship she has with crew members.

“I was doing a fundraiser for the maritime industry and it showed up,” she told E!. “A lot of Under deck People came that I hadn’t even invited and I thought that was pretty awesome because they love the maritime industry.”

“As a captain, I’m not there to make friends, I’m there to do my job,” she added. “Firing people is never fun, but I try to do it gently. This does not mean that we have terminated an employment relationship. I’m not friends with Camille, we’re not friends. She showed up, love the support and it’s like another colleague in the industry. So good conditions? I don’t pay attention to good conditions. I have to say that I am very neutral towards the crew.”

Under deck is Monday at 8 p.m. ET on Bravo.

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