Monday, November 28, 2022

Beijing plunged back into ‘world’s strictest lockdown’ as Covid soared and China crushed dissent following iPhone factory riots

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CHINA has put several cities, including Beijing, under lockdown again, state media reported.

The move comes after workers at the world’s largest iPhone factory fought police over wages and lockdown conditions.

The country has reported record-high infections and imposed restrictions in response while continuing to fight the virus.

The state-run CGTN network reports that cities, including Beijing, are going back into lockdown.

Schools, restaurants, gyms, beauty salons and other establishments were closed this week, CGTN says.

The resurgence in infections comes nearly three years after the pandemic broke out in downtown Wuhan.

The curbs take a toll on caged local residents as well as production in factories

They include the world’s largest iPhone factory, which has been rocked by clashes between workers and security guards in a rare display of dissent.

It comes as hundreds of workers took to the streets around the huge Zhengzhou factory and confronted personnel dressed in hazardous materials with batons, in a rare display of public anger in China.

Following the unrest, Zhengzhou authorities ordered mass testing and an effective lockdown of several districts in the central Chinese city starting Friday.

City center residents will not be able to leave the area unless they have a negative Covid test and permission from local authorities, and are being advised to leave their homes “unless necessary”.

The restrictions will affect more than six million people but will not apply to the iPhone factory, where workers have been under Covid restrictions for weeks.

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