Saturday, June 25, 2022

Becca Kufrin & Thomas Jacobs announce big decision about their future

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When Becca Kufrin and Thomas Jacobs first met on the seventh season of Bachelor in Paradise, it was unlikely that many fans expected the relationship to last. Jacobs just came off Katie Thurston’s season of The Bachelorette, in which he was portrayed as a villain. Additionally, Kufrin was a rather surprising addition to Bachelor in Paradise, considering she was both a final pick on Arie Luyendyk Jr.’s season of The Bachelor and directed her own season of The Bachelorette. Both of Kufrin’s Bachelor Nation engagements imploded, and viewers feared that villain Jacobs might do better. Kufrin and Jacobs didn’t leave Paradise engaged, but they got back together after filming and it seemed like the real deal. In the latest Bachelor Happy Hour podcast, they opened up about their recent engagement and some details about their future together, including a tidbit that might surprise their fans.

Here’s what you need to know:

While the ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ stars have only been engaged for a few weeks, they’ve apparently already discussed some details that will influence their relationship as it unfolds. The couple have already decided that they will both change their last names once they are married. Kufrin will not only use her maiden name, nor will she switch entirely to her husband’s surname. Instead, they are both separated to keep both surnames. The “Bachelorette” star noted that she will use the hyphenated name combination for her children as they start their family.

“I don’t know if it matters [if it’s] Kufrin-Jacobs or Jacobs-Kufrin, but we will definitely do the hyphenation and we will also have our children separated because they are a part of both of us,” she explained.

Jacobs explained a very sweet reason why he felt it was important to do with their names after their marriage. “Since Becca lost her father and it’s her and her sister, I don’t want to see a scenario where there’s no ‘kufrin’ in the world,” he explained. The Bachelor in Paradise star added that this is a special way of honoring Kufrin’s late father.

Bachelor Nation fans seem to approve of the plan, although they’re also unsure which name order they prefer. In a poll on Reddit, many fans had already suspected that the duo could separate their last names. “I usually find hyphenated last names clunky, but Kufrin-Jacobs sounds great together! I was also able to have a young kid on the ‘Go KJ!’ t-ball team. see,” one poster noted. “The part about her father and carrying the name on made me emotional. Thomas is a gem,” shared another.

Kufrin may have hesitated about her romance with Jacobs in the early Bachelor in Paradise days, but it’s clear the two have come a long way since then, considering she took the reins and proposed to him . Many Bachelor Nation fans who’ve followed this couple’s romance think their choice of last names after marriage is another sign they’re truly made for each other.

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