Sunday, June 26, 2022

BBMA’s 2022: Historic BTS no-attend win leaves fans playing ‘and nothing for K-pop’

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BTS is now the most-awarded group in Billboard Music Awards history, surpassing Destiny’s Child

Fans have moved from “BTS Paved the Way” to “And Nothing for K-Pop” and have plenty to do as the global K-Pop group made everyone proud at the BBMAs 2022. The Billboard Music Awards finally took place May 15 in Las Vegas. It was a big night for western stars Drake, Olivia Rodrigo and BTS. Drake extended his record as the artist with the most awards in BBMA history, while Olivia Rodrigo picked up the night’s most awards with seven trophies.

Well, BTS first made waves by becoming the most nominated group in BBMA history, with seven nominations across six categories. That is, in one of the categories they competed against each other, which additionally impressed the fans. In 2021, BTS received the most nominations of all time and won them all. The K-pop supergroup has also been nominated for the Top Duo/Group award for five straight years, winning in 2019, 2021 and now 2022.

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Although BTS didn’t win in all six categories they were nominated for, they still made history at the 2022 BBMAs. They won in three of the categories at the awards show – Top Duo/Group, Top Song Sales Artist. and awards for “Best Selling Songs”. Well, that makes them the most awarded music group in BBMA history. The record was previously held by Destiny’s Child with 11 wins, which BTS surpassed with 12 wins.

ARMY was amazed and trending hashtags like #AndNothingForKPop. Fans were proud of the organic growth as BTS went from winning the now defunct Top Social Artist award to the group with the most accolades at the BBMAs: “‘No one wants a paper award without validation,’ and now we are here. BTS PAVED THE WAY FOR THE BTS STORY.” One fan created a reaction meme: “I count BTS’ awards and make history.” Another ARMY said, “From ‘paper price’ to breaking a 17 year old record and to the group with the most awards in bbmas history.”

BTS make BBMAs history with 3 wins

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