Saturday, August 6, 2022

‘Bad festival etiquette’: The Kid Laroi fans BANGED for chanting ‘f**k J-Hope’ at Lollapalooza

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A few BTS fans on Twitter revealed that “f**k J-Hope” chants could be heard as Laroi almost finished his performance at Lollapalooza Festival 2022

The Kid Laroi landed on stage at the 2022 Lollapalooza Festival on the final day, just before K-pop icon J-Hope closed out the acclaimed festival in Chicago, Illinois. The Australian singer’s fans were accused of singing against the BTS member when The Kid Laroi exited after finishing his set.

The BTS Army took to Twitter as they accused The Kid Laroi fans of being rowdy. A few on the microblogging site revealed that “f**k J-Hope” chants could be heard as Laroi almost finished his performance at Lollapalooza 2022 at Chicago’s Grant Park. Artists such as Dua Lipa, J Cole and Green Day headlined the four-day festival. Performances by Lil Baby, Machine Gun Kelly, Kygo and Doja Cat were some of the highlights of the event.


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J-Hope wrapped up the Lollapalooza Festival on the fourth day of the event, Sunday 31st July 2022 and as such the crowd saw a mixed crowd of fans. The Kid Laroi fans and BTS fans made their way to the festival. However, fans of the ‘Stay’ hitmaker have been accused of targeting fans of J-Hope.

While some on Twitter pointed out that the crowd can be a fan of both Laroi and J-Hope, the majority have clearly picked their favorites. For the uninitiated, J-Hope made history by becoming the first South Korean artist to headline the main stage of a major US music festival.

Kid Laroi fans have been accused of singing against J-Hope

One wrote: “Stupid Kid Laroi fans say they will mosh luckily a lot of the armies around me are adults and said they would fight back.” Another said: “Hope everyone on Hobi’s stage now.” stay safe! I’m afraid Kid Laroi fans are a lot less nice than Charlie XCX fans were.”

One fan tweeted: “Bruh some white kid laroi fans pushed through the crowd calling the army ‘fucking weird’ and saying they hate kpop I don’t slander kid laroi. People saying that were just joking ’cause they’ll never understand, bro, never.”

Meanwhile, one shared: “Army please be extra careful with Kid Laroi. The fans are already pushing forward and being weird and aggressive so just watch out for each other!!!” One added: “And Kid Laroi performs just before Jhope and his fans are about to push forward. I don’t think ARMYs at Barricade will survive this.”

One fan wrote: “That’s one thing. But the people are blocking the front completely, as far as I understand. It’s bad festival etiquette to block other people’s fans because they come and go. And I’m not because of the negativity that might backfire on Hobi either.”

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