Monday, August 8, 2022

‘Bachelorette’ Star Reveals Her Girlfriend Kissed One of Her 4 Best Guys

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Bachelor Nation fans know that it’s fairly common for contestants to date after their seasons have aired. However, a recent “Bachelorette” revealed something rather unusual. Katie Thurston recently gave her Instagram followers a chance to ask their questions, and she dropped a juicy treat that got people buzzing.

Here’s what you need to know:

As Thurston answered questions on a series of now-defunct Instagram Stories, members of The Bachelor subreddit joined forces to discuss the news in a lengthy Reddit thread. During this Q&A from Thurston, which was specifically about “tea,” her fans wanted her to spill something, one person asked her anything she’d be willing to say about Michael Allio. As “Bachelorette” fans will recall, there was a significant bond between Thurston and Allio during their season. He was a front runner for a time, but broke her heart when he eliminated himself to return home to his son. His departure was particularly emotional, and after her Bachelorette finale aired, Thurston admitted she still had strong feelings for him.

Interestingly, Thurston’s tea on Allio took a turn no one expected. “One of my close friends kissed him while my season was still airing,” she revealed. The ‘Bachelorette’ star added, “And even though I was engaged, this felt like a ‘too soon’ moment for me.” As she noted, when Allio kissed one of Thurston’s friends she was with her last rose recipient, Blake Moynes, engaged. However, Moynes and Thurston split shortly after the airing of her season finale and she quickly revealed a new romance with another contestant from her season, John Hersey. However, Thurston did not reveal which friend of hers kissed Allio and he has not commented on their tea.

As Thurston’s Q&A unfolded, The Bachelorette fans shared their reactions on Reddit. While Allio is popular with some fans, a fair percentage of Bachelor Nation have negative perceptions of him. It seems that these negative attitudes are related to both his motives in joining the franchise and some alleged off-camera issues in real life.

“Lmao Katie reluctantly exposes Scamio. How did he make out with her friend and then thirst after her on IG and asked if there was another chance at MTA? Such [trash can emoji]’ one person joked.

“Michael making out with one of her friends leaves him thirsty for her lingerie photoshoot and making the Night We Met pics of them that much weirder [skull emoji]’ remarked another viewer. “Plus, it’s no wonder she mta lmao looked past him,” this commenter added.

“I think it’s so funny that she thought it was too soon for Michael to kiss someone when she was engaged to Blake, lol,” one Redditor shared, although someone else rightly found it “slightly odd that it was her.” was a close friend”.

“I first read that she kissed Michael when she was engaged and was confused as to why it was too soon?” questioned someone else. It seemed Poster wasn’t the only “Bachelorette” fan who initially had the same misinterpretation.

“Michael A., making out with Katie’s boyfriend while Katie’s season was on the air doesn’t come as a surprise to me,” someone began, adding, “Michael always struck me as a mean guy, and he’s not the heartbroken, nice single dad that he was.” who he says he is.”

A few other replies from Thurston led to more lengthy discussions, and one Redditor admitted, “This is her least dirty tea and also her most interesting.” Thurston has built a certain reputation within “Bachelor Nation” for loving things and this reveal about Allio definitely achieved that.

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