Sunday, October 17, 2021

‘Bachelor’ presenter Jesse Palmer poses with ABC’s new lead actor: PHOTO

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Jesse Palmer just hit ABC.

The newly announced “Bachelor” presenter shared a photo with fans as he posed with the long-rumored lead actor in the franchise, before ABC even confirmed his casting. In a new photo shared on his Instagram page, Palmer posed with Clayton Echard, an offshoot of Michelle Young’s season who fell in love with the Bachelor producers early on and scored the ultimate gig.

Palmer captioned the picture, “Meet my younger, bigger, better-looking brother from another mom, @claytonechard #The Bachelor.”

You can see the picture below:

Fans responded to Palmer’s premature announcement in the comment section.

“Wait. Was it even” officially “announced that Clayton was the bachelor? LOL,” asked a fan.

“Can you tell ABC to make the official announcement so we can stop pretending it’s a secret?” Wrote another.

“Ohhhh ABC will yell at him,” predicted another fan.

This isn’t the first time Palmer and Echard have been seen together. In early October 2021, The Daily Mail reported that the two were photographed in Los Angeles as they began filming The Bachelor.

Palmer and Echard have a lot to talk about. Not only are they both “Bachelor” stars – Palmer starred in the fifth season of the ABC dating show in 2004 – but they are both former soccer players. Palmer was in the NFL for several years while Palmer was on an NFL tryout. They also look very similar.

While Echard will clearly be “The Bachelor,” viewers will see him first on Michelle Young’s season of “The Bachelorette,” which hasn’t even aired yet. In a rare move, ABC targeted Echard to cast him as “The Bachelor” before viewers saw his unsuccessful journey reflected in Young’s “Bachelorette” season.

A source told Us Weekly that Echard “stood out right away” on Young’s season, so bringing him back as “The Bachelor” was an easy decision.

“The producers eventually picked him because they felt he was best suited for the role,” the source explained. They wanted to change something and go with someone new and with someone who wasn’t in the spotlight yet. “

While Echard is a new face for Bachelor Nation, he’ll be filming on the show’s old location. For the first time since the COVID-19 pandemic messed up the franchise’s schedule, The Bachelor is returning to the famous mansion in Agoura Hills, California, where the show normally begins.

At the beginning of September, spoiler king Reality Steve Carbone confirmed the locale TwitterHe writes: “(BACHELOR FILMING UPDATE): Clayton’s season begins filming in the villa on Tuesday evening.”

ABC didn’t confirm Echard’s casting, likely due to the fact that it would “spoil” Young’s season. But with Palmer in the mix, who needs spoilers? And even the mayor of Eureka, Missouri – the hometown of Echard – interfered in the spoiler game. Last month, Mayor Sean Flower threw caution to the wind and posted the news of the casting announcement on Facebook inviting the whole city to meet the new “Bachelor” star.

“Clayton Echard, a native of Eureka, the next Bachelor, and a film crew from the show will be in downtown Eureka at around 3:00 pm today,” Mayor Flower wrote in September. “The Eureka people are warmly invited to wish him the best of luck with the show and to see the shoot.”

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