Friday, December 2, 2022

Bachelor in Paradise Season 8: What happened between Justin Glaze and Salley Carson before the show?

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Kira Mengistu came under fire for revealing the truth about Justin Glaze’s behavior towards Salley Carson at the Stagecoach Festival

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: Salley Carson still makes headlines on Bachelor Nation despite not officially being on the show. The ‘Bachelorette’ graduate’s alleged relationship with Salley was revealed when Genevieve Parisi opened up about Justin Glaze’s date with Victoria Fuller.

Season 8 of ABC’s ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ is heating up with drama. Fans watched as Salley Carson’s luggage arrived at the beach in Week 2, but she didn’t show up. More reports circulated that Salley and Justin Glaze had a flirtatious relationship that began at the Stagecoach Festival. So what happened between Salley and Justin? Here’s what we know so far.


Salley Carson and Justin Glaze face off in week 8 of the Bachelor in Paradise series. Salley’s bags arrived in week 2 without them. Wells Adams opened up about the circumstances that led to her luggage being left in front of her on the beach, including calling her ex-boyfriend and missing several flights before deciding to go to the beach.

Genevieve Parisi also shared Justin’s story with Salley in Week 2. According to Genevieve, Justin developed a crush on Salley at the Stagecoach Festival, a country music festival that members of Bachelor Nation often attend together. “A lot of people from Bachelor Nation went to Stagecoach,” Genevieve noted. “And Salley was all over Justin. Justin was all over Salley.” Genevieve claimed she didn’t want to visit Salley because she wanted to maintain her relationship with Justin.

Fans are wondering what happened between Salley Carson and Justin Glaze after Genevieve Parisi was upset with Salley Carson’s suitcase that arrived during Bachelor in Paradise season 2.

According to Bustle, Justin spoke about Salley on the Click Bait With Bachelor Nation podcast. “I met Salley and she was cool,” he explained. When asked if she was single, he said, “Uh yeah, I would hope so.” This seems to indicate they had more than a friendly connection. With that, Justin conceded that “literally nothing went down,” contradicting Genevieve’s claim. But he also stated that if Salley arrived in paradise, he would be interested in her. “If I happened to be there and she happened to be there, yes, that’s someone I would go after,” he continued.

Kira Mengistu and Justin had a falling out over Salley and Justin’s stagecoach issue. Kira claimed she was at Stagecoach with five other girls, one of whom was Salley. According to Us Weekly, she tweeted, “Stagecoach was fun wasn’t it @Justin_Glaze.”

“Lmfao Kira was with Stagecoach?” He has answered to Kira’s tweet by saying, “This whole story is new to me.

Kira then tweeted that she and Justin talked during the concert. Again, she tweeted, “Get glasses and a better attitude.”

Want to see how well (or badly) Salley is received by the girls and Justin on the beach? Be sure to tune in to a brand new episode of Bachelor in Paradise on Tuesday, October 11, 2022 at 8:00 p.m. ET on ABC.

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