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‘Bachelor in Paradise’ reunion: Johnny DePhillipo and Victoria Fuller accusations against each other

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ABC’s Bachelors in paradise Season 8 is drawing to a close and fans can’t wait to see the couples reunite. Johnny DePhillipo and Victoria Fuller are the hot topics of conversation. According to Reality Steve, the couple blames each other during the Bachelors in paradise Reunion. This is what Victoria and Johnny say about each other.

[Spoiler alert: Bachelor in Paradise Season 8 reunion spoilers ahead regarding Johnny DePhillipo and Victoria Fuller.]

Johnny DePhillipo and Victoria Fuller had an unlikely bond from the start Bachelors in paradise Season 8. While Victoria was initially attracted to Justin Glaze, Johnny immediately swept her off her feet. Neither Victoria nor Johnny grew apart during their time on the beach, and their relationship has been seemingly free of drama.

During the finale, Johnny and Victoria talked about their future plans. While Johnny has never seen himself engaged in the past, Victoria changed everything for him. “When I met you, you kind of turned my whole world upside down,” he told her. “It scares me because the more we hang out and the more time I spend with you, I really can’t imagine life without you.”

Unfortunately hers paradise Romance didn’t last. They split in September 2022 shortly after the show ended. Now Victoria is dating Greg Grippo, a contestant from Katie Thurston’s season of The Bachelorette.

That Bachelors in paradise Season 8 reunion reveals Johnny DePhillip and Victoria Fuller’s mistakes. While some breakups on Bachelor Nation are entirely amicable, hers wasn’t. Reality Steve tweeted about what they both said about the allegations they made against each other during the reunion.

According to Reality Steve, Victoria and Johnny went into couples counseling for three weeks after filming. “Victoria said Johnny called her a stupid bitch and she claimed he told her she didn’t cook or clean so what’s the use of a woman,” the spoiler guru tweeted.

During the reunion, Johnny claims he never says that. “Johnny admitted he said things he shouldn’t have said and regretted, but never called them that,” Reality Steve continued. The spoiler guru then claimed Johnny said Victoria “threw a wineglass at him and told him she was out of his league”.

As for Victoria and Greg Grippo, during the reunion, the two admit they’ve spoken before paradise, but they claimed they were just friends at the time. While Greg texted Victoria while she was dating Johnny, Victoria reassured Johnny that nothing romantic was going on.

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To do that Bachelors in paradise The reunion situation gets even more intense in season 8, Greg Grippo comes on stage with Victoria Fuller.

“Greg Grippo WAS here,” Reality Steve tweeted. “Johnny came out first. Then they brought out Victoria to join him. Then Victoria and Greg alone.”

The reunion preview also shows Greg backstage at the reunion. Jesse Palmer asks Victoria if she’s dating Greg now and she presumably admits to having a new boyfriend soon after paradise. As for Johnny, it’s unclear if he’s going out after the show.

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