Monday, November 28, 2022

Bachelor in Paradise Finale 2022: Fans whip out receipts as Shanae Ankey breaks up with Joey Young via his social media

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After claiming that Joy was not a “man,” Shanae ended their relationship.

VALLARTA, MEXICO: Shanae Ankney ended her relationship with Joey Young because she said he wasn’t a “man” and was spending too much time on TikTok. Taking to social media, Bachelor Nation praised the confused 23-year-old for showing more maturity while slamming her for using double standards.

This season has been full of twists and turns, as Wells Adams noted at the beginning of the November 21 episode of Bachelor In Paradise. Couples have come together, broken up and gotten back together only to get to the final week and final rose ceremony. But just because they’ve made it this far doesn’t mean they’re any good. In fact, many Paradise breakups happen in the finals, and this year was no exception.


The final week of ‘BiP’ featured two full two-hour episodes, however, at the start of the November 21 episode, host Jesse Palmer revealed: “As of now, paradise is over.” The show wasn’t quite finished yet, but there were no more rose ceremonies or appointment cards to hand out, so all that remained were some difficult conversations and important decisions. Couples were under pressure to decide whether to get engaged or at least leave paradise as a couple. A number of couples couldn’t handle the strain, and as a result, there were many breakups during “BiP” season 8.

After the rose ceremony, the couples had to make sure they were on the same page in order to move forward. They say breaking up is difficult, but Shanae totally fails when it comes to breaking up with Joey. Joey assumed he and Shanae were dating, but Shanae had different intentions. Shanae begins by telling him that she sees their relationship as more “playful” and less “serious” than what Paradise’s future promises. She shared with him that their age difference (he’s 24 and she’s 30) and the fact that he lives with his parents is a problem and that she wishes she could be his “cool, fun aunt”. “Ultimately, I’m looking for a husband, not a TikTok friend,” Shanae noted. She made it clear that she wanted a more serious connection than she thought she could get from him.

When Joey seems offended, she pauses. “I’m not! You’re a great person, but that’s not what I’m looking for.” Joey is stumped because “none of this was mentioned before,” so Shanae uses an even worse strategy. “I want a man,” she explains. Joey immediately replies, “You say I’m not a man?” Yes, their relationship is officially over.

Fans praised Joey for handling the breakup and showing real maturity. Bachelor Nation quickly came together to defend the young man as they pulled out some TikTok receipts: “Just here to point out that Shanae has more videos and followers than Joey on TikTok.” One fan pointed out, as did Shanae highlighted the age difference issue in the breakup, and quipped, “Not Shanae calls herself Joey’s cool aunt and says he’s not a man.” One fan chided Shanae for hanging up Joey, writing, “Shanae says Joey is not a man, although SHE hung him the whole time.”

Some fans also tweeted how Shanae could have handled the breakup better: “Shanae could have just told Joey she didn’t see a future with him. While sympathizing with Joey, one fan tweeted, “Poor Joey… his voice cracked as he said, ‘I thought we were on the same page.’ On the other hand, some fans are glad Shanae canceled before it “I still can’t tell if it’s Joey or Justin that Shanae is dating, but hey, at least she was honest with him before it was too late and he’s young as hell. Another fan quipped, “Shanae broke up with Joey to find Logan Lmao.”

Bachelor in Paradise airs Mondays and Tuesdays at 8 p.m. on ABC.

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