Monday, November 28, 2022

‘Bachelor in Paradise’ finale 2022: Fans slam show for cutting Sierra, say Michael deserves ‘more crickets’

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“Sierra was used by Michael and the producers and deserved much much better,” one angry fan posted

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: During the reunion segment of the season 8 finale of Bachelor in Paradise, Michael Allio finally apologized to Sierra Jackson. Fans, on the other hand, were unhappy not only with his apology, but also with Danielle Maltby, who recently called Sierra “what’s her face” on Kaitlyn Bristowe’s Off the Vine podcast.

Danielle and Michael spent most of Bachelor in Paradise Season 8 together. Michael had a connection with Sierra before Danielle went to the beach. On the beach, Michael Sierra got very close. Unfortunately, their love couldn’t last forever. Michael broke up with Sierra after she gave him a thoughtful gift. He stated at the time that he was still struggling with the loss of his wife. But once Danielle got to the beach, he was able to put his pain aside and pursue a romance with her.


In episode 4, Michael informed Sierra that he felt their relationship was growing too fast and that they should just be friends. Sierra was amazed and didn’t want to date anyone else, so she eliminated herself, but when Danielle got to the beach, he was completely committed to her. “I think looking back on the breakup I didn’t give you the closure you needed,” Michael told Sierra at the reunion. “You deserved much more than that and I couldn’t give you the kind of love you gave me back. I’m sorry I hurt you.”

Sierra kindly accepts his apology. Fans of the franchise are outraged, especially after seeing Sierra’s gracious handling of the matter when Danielle belittled her on Kaitlyn’s podcast. According to Reddit, Danielle highlighted Michael and Sierra’s relationship with Kaitlyn on her podcast. During their conversation, Kaitlyn refers to Sierra as “What’s her face?” rather not by name. The women justify Michael’s behavior.

Fans slammed the network for cutting Sierra off while addressing Michael: “You got Sierra so dirty omg. Made her talk in front of them and then cut her off.” Another viewer added, “Jesse quickly turns around and only allows Sierra one bound so we can’t watch her eat Michael alive, as a viewer it’s like that disappointing.” A fan also wrote that Michale needed more crickets for his actions: “They should have let Sierra say so much more… Michael deserves a little more crickets. This reunion sucks.” Fans were shocked and disappointed in Danielle, writing, “So… this reunion was filmed after Sierra and Michael’s breakup aired and she made comments sm graceful and mature for the two of them at the same reunion? “

Fans also called out to Michael over his decision to confess his love to Danielle during the reunion, “Sierra looks like a complete vision while this bloated guy chooses the live shows to tell Danielle he loves her spare me, it’s a made-up giving.” Witnessing Sierra being supportive of Michael and Danielle’s relationship, only to later get heat from Danielle, she fan-tweeted, “Sierra is so sweet and supportive and then Danielle goes and calls she “what’s her name” on a podcast…just let me.” One fan slammed Michael for using her to get Danielle, writing, “Sierra deserved better and she was abused by people in the world for no reason Bachelor Nation Dragged! Also, Michael definitely used her to get to Danielle.” One fan demanded apologies from the couple about Sierra, writing, “Sierra was taken advantage of by Michael and the producers and deserved much, much better. I could imagine she never wants to deal with this franchise again, but I hope Michael and Danielle can give a proper apology off screen and show more respect to Sierra in general!”

Bachelor in Paradise airs Mondays and Tuesdays at 8 p.m. on ABC.

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