Monday, November 28, 2022

Bachelor in Paradise: Are Victoria Fuller and Greg Grippo Dating Now?

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Fans watching ABC Bachelors in paradise Season 8 keeps up with the drama from Victoria Fuller and Johnny DePhillipo. They have a strong connection to the show, but rumors suggest they didn’t last long in the real world. So, are Victoria and Greg Grippo dating now? Here’s what you should know after that Bachelors in paradise Reunion.

[Spoiler alert: Bachelor in Paradise Season 8 reunion spoilers ahead regarding Victoria Fuller and Greg Grippo.]

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Johnny DePhillipo and Victoria Fuller seem like the perfect couple Bachelors in paradise Season 8. While Johnny wasn’t ready to get engaged while competing The Bachelorette, his relationship with Victoria changed everything for him. boarding the Bachelors in paradise Finale and goodbye, he reflected on his time on the show and how it had changed him.

“When I met you, you kind of turned my whole world upside down,” he told her. “It scares me because the more we hang out and the more time I spend with you, I really can’t imagine life without you.”

He is seen holding a ring in a preview of the finale. According to spoilers, Johnny gets on one knee and asks for Victoria’s hand. “Obviously I’m nervous, but it’s just, take that leap because so many of you want to,” he says. “And if it has to be with someone, I’m so lucky it’s with Victoria.”

Fans are keeping up with spoilers regarding the Bachelors in paradise The Season 8 reunion knows Johnny DePhillipo and Victoria Fuller aren’t going to last. They reportedly split in September 2022. Then Victoria was spotted in Italy with Greg Grippo, sparking rumors of romance (and cheating).

So after the reunion, are Victoria and Greg still together? They very much are. Nick Viall posted a TikTok in early November 2022 showing Victoria and Greg playing at his house together. Serena Pitt, Joe Amabile and Nick’s girlfriend were also there.

Even recently, Victoria left hints that she and Greg are thriving in their post.paradise Romance. On Nov. 21, 2022, she posted a photo to her Instagram Stories of her and Greg’s hands holding beers at a Nashville Predators hockey game. She posted another photo of her and Greg’s hands on Instagram two days earlier.

Victoria Fuller is being arrested for her romance with Greg Grippo during the Bachelors in paradise Reunion in Season 8. The reunion preview reveals that Greg is there – and host Jesse Palmer asks Victoria if she and Greg are officially dating. Considering Greg is showing up, we fully expect her to say yes.

“Greg Grippo WAS here,” Reality Steve further confirmed Twitter. “Johnny came out first. Then they brought out Victoria to join him. Then Victoria and Greg alone.”

Now that Victoria and Greg are making their relationship official on Bachelor Nation, we expect to see more photos of them together on social media.

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