Wednesday, November 30, 2022

‘Bachelor in Paradise’ 2022: Eliza breaks up with Rodney, fans love how Justin used the same excuse to dump her

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“I’m HERE for Justin to choose himself and not be anyone’s second choice,” said one fan

VALLARTA, MEXICO: Eliza’s storyline on the November 14 episode of “Bachelor in Paradise” did not end well. Bachelor Nation didn’t mind blaming Eliza for breaking Rodney’s heart, only to have her heart shattered by Justin, whom she sent home last week.

The latest Bachelor in Paradise love triangle ended in tears. Eliza Isichei presented her rose to Rodney Mathews via Justin Glaze on the November 7 episode of the series, a move she immediately regretted. “I just don’t think I made the right decision for me,” Eliza said to Rodney the next morning. “I felt so much pressure. And I think I was influenced a bit by how much love everyone has for you.”


Eliza and Rodney left Paradise separately after their sad conversation. While Rodney sadly walked away, Eliza went in search of Justin. “Following him was definitely a first,” Eliza said at the end of the episode. “I don’t usually chase guys, but he means a lot to me, so I hope he’s as excited to see me as I am to seeing him.” However, as Eliza on the November 14 episode of Justins Coming to his hometown of Baltimore, he said it was like seeing a ghost — and it was a moment that suited his penchant for surprised expressions.

Rodney, Eliza argued, deserved to be with someone who would choose him “without hesitation.” Still, Justin informed Eliza that he deserved it too, and they didn’t reconcile.

One fan, watching Eliza chase after Justin, quipped, “Even Justin can’t believe Eliza let Rodney go.” Seeing a cheerful Eliza open up about her breakup with Rodney, one fan asked, “But why is Eliza smiling while talking about her breakup with Rodney?” Another fan added how Justin used the same excuse to break it up with Eliza that she used on him in the beginning: “Justin flipped that on Eliza and used Same excuse bahahahahahah.” One viewer tweeted how Eliza got what she deserved: “Oh look Eliza if these aren’t the result of your own actions.”

Bachelor Nation also seemed happy that Justin wasn’t settling for someone’s second choice, as they wrote, “I’m HERE for Justin to choose himself and not be anyone’s second choice.” One fan was the Opinion that Justin doesn’t deserve the hate he’s been getting all season either because ‘Idk why Justin is getting so much hate. These girls have been playing with him all season and he doesn’t want it.” Another fan added, “I’m glad Justin picked up on Eliza and said Rodney deserves someone to pick him without hesitation and realize he’s doesn’t feel chosen by Eliza’s decision.” However, one fan added, “Yeah, that proves Justin didn’t actually come back to the beach for Eliza. He just wanted to go back to the beach in general and used her as an excuse.”

Bachelor in Paradise airs Mondays and Tuesdays at 8 p.m. on ABC.

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