Saturday, June 25, 2022

Azealia Banks storms off stage after being booed during Pride performance: ‘Unhappy to be here’

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However, fans had another theory, revealing that Azealia appeared to be two hours late to headline her set at the Wynwood Pride performance in Miami

Azealia Banks, who has been repeatedly labeled as transphobic and homophobic, once again got on the wrong side of the LGBTQ community after storming off the stage and citing the organizers’ alleged unprofessionalism. The controversial rapper caused a stir and threw away her mic, abandoning her fans in the middle of her set.

However, fans on Twitter had a different theory, revealing that the 31-year-old presenter appeared to be two hours late to officiate her set at the Wynwood Pride performance in Miami. Before throwing away the mic, Azealia railed against her event promoters, saying: “For the past month and a half I’ve just been screwed. I’ve been fucked, you know? The set time had moved and it was like, ‘Oh, you’re headlining. No, you’re not a headliner. You’re not anymore.’ I’m really not happy to be here. Azealia added: “I’m so miserable to be here. But what have the fans ever done? What have you ever done, right? I’m trying, y’all. But it is difficult.”

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Hours after she was stormed off the stage and booed by the crowd, Azealia took to Twitter and explained her situation by saying, “I should have done something at West Palm Beach Pride because someone with the ashy feet and braided sandals definitely some molotov has boiled dry ice. I have the biggest headache ever. Wow.” They, in another post, “And all-out desperate attempts to legitimize themselves with crappy attempts to create hilariously lowbrow and pointlessly aggressive “contracts/documents/lawsuits.” They think they have any legal validity outside of the have brains of the intimidated migrant cult.”

In her next tweet she wrote: “Wynwood Pride was way too ghetto. I had to jump. Every tech rider in the history of Azealia Banks live performances specifically says – no dry ice as I’m EXTREMELY allergic to it. Photos will show massive clouds of dry ice which made me dizzy to the point where I could.” Adding: “I really am having the most severe allergic reaction rn. I am trying very hard to stay on my feet, alert, awake and hydrated until the doctor arrives. It’s creepy.” She went on to explain, “When you hire Glam Squad drummers, guitarists, DJs, security and a whole crew who are expected to work from 7am and your tour manager is notified that your set time is now 1am people have to rearrange their entire itinerary. Extreme unprofessionalism.” Azealia concluded, “I literally got a text message from the promoter assuring me that no dry ice would be used in my performance – yet clouds of dry ice came on stage. I performed Coachella twice and that simple request was granted.”

Azealia Banks tears organizers apart after being booed off stage

Social media users savagely berated her for her actions, with one writing: “Why was she of all people invited to perform at a Pride event in the first place? Lol.” Another shared, “JFC, smoke machines don’t work on dry ice. She was clearly onto something. My friends were there and saw the whole thing.” One person said, “Who thought it was a good idea to be on a Pride -Festival to make headlines???”

The next shared: “Some people are freaking stupid because how did literal adults think Azealia Banks would do well headlining Pride?” Meanwhile, another wrote: “Why the hell are they even inviting them to a ‘Pride’ event when she literally thinks trans women are men? how wtf I say that as the simpleton of Azealia Banks.” One added, “You actually paid real money to see Azealia Banks (a transphobia) perform proudly.”

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