Wednesday, January 25, 2023

Ashley Jones has a heated Twitter exchange with 2 ‘Teen Mom’ co-stars

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Tensions ran high during yesterday’s episode of Teen Mom: Family Reunion as the cast moved through the aftermath of the fight between Ashley Jones, Briana DeJesus and their mothers Pastor Tea and Roxanne, respectively, that resulted in all four being sent off were home from the group tour.

During the January 24 episode, the cast looked back on the fight in which Ashley spat on Briana and Briana threw a metal water bottle at Ashley in retaliation. Kiaya Elliott said: “The spit thing pissed me off. It pissed me off when she tried to spit on Kayla [Sessler]“. The show then included a clip from the 2019 Teen Mom 2 reunion, when Ashley threatened to “beat up the dog shit” on Kayla, saying, “I should spit on your f***ing face.”

This prompted Ashley to do so take to twitter and defends herself, writing, “I never tried to spit on Kayla…she took off her shoes and stood up like she was going to fight AND THEN I tried to grab her…I’m disappointed in her lies…” This tweet then sparked two out heated arguments with Kayla and Kiaya responding directly to Ashley.

Kayla Sessler wasted no time react to the tweet by Ashley Jones. Clarifying that she knew Ashley wasn’t trying to spit on her during the Teen Mom 2 reunion, Kayla wrote, “I said she wasn’t close enough. But let’s talk about lies. Let’s start with how you hung that fake ass photo claiming to be in my hotel lobby… but never were? They were at another hotel 30 minutes away. I have more tea to spill that evening if you want to go there.

Ashley tried to end the interaction there, tweet that she didn’t want to argue “about that shit that was 3 years ago … you lied . End of story babes.” Though that wasn’t the end of the story for Kayla, who replied again saying she never lied and never claimed Ashley spat on her at the last reunion. Kayla then said, “I wasn’t even the one who brought up the situation. But I suggest you stop here before I let EVERYONE know what happened backstage [at the reunion] ☕️”.

Ashley feigned fear and Kayla responded with her backstage story. tweet“Tell the world you can’t fight and that’s why you’re talking all this on the internet 😭 My boyfriend caught you backstage and you didn’t do shit but immediately cried for a flight home”.

The two continued to retell the events of the night, with Kayla claiming the production moved Ashley to a hotel 30 minutes away from the rest of the cast and Ashley Sharing a screenshot claimed that the two hotels were much closer.

Kiaya Elliott also responded to Ashley Jones’ tweet to clarify her statement from the episode. To write, “Tried to have threatened him with the same shit”. The two shared a heated exchangeand after a bit of back and forth, Ashley’s sister Chris struck up a conversation.

“Honestly pray I never see you as we need to talk about that comment you made to your mother about my brother. You’re just as fried as that blonde wig you had on #TMFR. You, your girlfriend and your baby daddy are doing tiktoks again. 🌽” Chris wrotewhich refers to her and Ashley’s late brother.

Kija answered, and said, “Girl, I’m so damn scared, I won’t say anything about your brother, except that I didn’t answer your sister out of respect for her situation. When you make threats like someone who is scared. #byemichaelstrahan”.

This led to another exchange between Kiaya and Chris, in which Kiaya edited a photo by Chris and her wife, replacing Chris with Shrek. The exchange didn’t end well, either both parties say that if they were together in person they would want to fight.

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