Monday, November 29, 2021

Anthony Loffredo: Details about the body modification of would-be “Black Alien” will SHOCK you

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Anthony Loffredo has now chopped off two fingers from his left hand to form a bizarre claw

Anthony Loffredo, a 33 year old French man, has transformed his body to become a “black alien”. Loffredo has now chopped off two fingers from his left hand to form a bizarre claw. Chopping off his fingers is the latest in a series of changes the would-be alien has undergone. His nose and upper lip were previously cut off, his tongue was split and his entire body, including his eyeballs, was covered with tattoos. However, Loffredo said that despite all these changes, he only achieved 34 percent of his goal.

Anthony Loffredo regularly documents his disturbing transformation on Instagram. “Saturday relax before the operation and wish everyone a good weekend. Black Alien Project évolution 29%,” says one of his image posts. “My whole life has shown me that it would happen if you really want something, if you were passionate enough,” he wrote in another post. One of the posts reads: “On the other side of the world, to continue my project, the process is going well, another dream that has just come true, thank you for your top work, thank you Mexico in my heart.” He posted Picture his hand with cut fingers and wrote: “Thanks to the energy … preparing for the other hand …”


Loffredo’s Instagram posts are inundated with comments from people fascinated and appalled by his transformation. “Anyway, our souls will go back where they came from. Everyone. They are no exception. But what have you done useful for others? Everything you do is only for yourself,” wrote one user. “You’re not from outer space though … you’ve already posted a photo of you and your mom (who is human). It’s fascinating and pretty great to see all of your mods, but you don’t really think you are an alien right? ” wrote another.

“Why the hell would you do this to yourself. Weren’t you happy with the body you were born with,” commented one user while another said, “Nice to see your journey. I’ve been wondering a lot of head and neck Arm modifications and implants. How about the legs and the rest? ”One user said,“ Wow! I’m curious to see at what point these changes will affect your ability to live a healthy life.

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