Sunday, June 26, 2022

Anniversary focus on Kate Middleton’s parenthood, not William’s, was sexist

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The criticism of Kate Middleton’s parenting during the Platinum Jubilee celebrations in the media, rather than Prince William’s, was sexist. That’s according to a discussion between chief royal correspondent Jack Royston and royal commentator Kristen Meinzer on the latest episode of’s The Royal Report podcast.


The discussion comes after Kate was criticised on social media and in the press after footage from the Jubilee competition showed her youngest son, Prince Louis, 4, playing with his mother and covering her mouth with his hand.


Ichzer called the criticism of Kate and the assumption that a child’s behaviour is the mother’s responsibility sexist. Meinzer then asked on Twitter what the reaction would be if the headlines were the other way around.


“A lot of the press has decided that this is a reflection of what a terrible mother Kate Middleton is,” she told Royston.


“Eventually I got something like, ‘Maybe instead of asking why Kate Middleton is such a terrible mother, maybe we should ask why William is such a terrible father?’ tweeted…because I basically took all the headlines saying ‘why is kate like this’…and I just changed the gender. I switched it to Dad instead,” she said.


She continued, “What I really wanted to say is that this is sexism. Women always get the blame when children misbehave or misbehave. What about the men?”


Royston agreed with Meinzer’s position that “it’s always the mother who takes the criticism and takes the blame,” and went on to explore the broader discourse about 4-year-old Louis’ behavior.


“It’s strange how people make these sweeping generalizations about how a 4-year-old behaves when he’s a little bored at a royal pageant,” he said.


“On one side you have people trying to visualize what Louis will be like growing up and you have people trying to visualize what is going on back home at Kensington Palace – it is exceptionally.”


Meinzer thinks the criticism Kate has faced is unfair, given that the event in question was a three-hour pageant, with the royal children in full view of cameras throughout.


“I think people were very unfair in their criticism there,” she said. “I’ve heard some people say, ‘Oh, but [Kate] is an early childhood care advocate’ and it’s like yes, you can be an early childhood care advocate and still have a 4-year-old who acts like a 4-year-old at times. So life is.”


Kate and William appeared to inadvertently respond to the comment about their youngest son’s anniversary behavior in a tweet thanking the public for standing up for the Queen.


The @KensingtonRoyal Twitter account’s message concluded with the line: “We all had an incredible time, especially Louis…”


This was followed by an emoji depicting a pair of eyes looking sideways. identifies that emoji serves “to draw attention to something the user wants to emphasize, particularly in situations involving drama and interpersonal tension.”


The post was signed ‘W&C’, meaning ‘William and Catherine’, meaning the post was from the royals themselves and not their communications team.


Despite criticism of Kate for Louis’ behavior, many on social media and in the press have defended the Duchess, including TV’s childcare expert Jo Frost Supernannywho said she was “impressed by how the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge continue to be such impressive parenting role models to our modern day parents today, they are open about their own struggles as parents and like all parents out there they continue to strive for her.” Best in raising their young.


“Catherine has never shied away from showing her children fair behavior in public, and that is a sign of confident parents who are able to set boundaries while empathetically meeting their children’s needs and understanding the circumstances.”

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