Sunday, November 27, 2022

Anne Heche’s ex James Tupper is refusing guardianship of underage son Atlas and could lose battle over her $400,000 estate

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James Tupper shook his head as he heard the verdict while standing in court with his hands in his blue jeans and gesturing his frustration

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: Anne Heche’s ex-partner James Tupper has been denied legal guardianship of their 13-year-old son and is now likely to lose the battle over the late actress’ estate. Tupper’s application to be appointed legal counsel for Heche’s younger son Atlas, who was in court with his father on Tuesday, was denied by Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Lee Bogdanoff. In another setback for the Canadian actor, the judge said he would “probably” grant Homer Laffoon’s application to be appointed permanent administrator of his mother’s estate.

The decision comes just days after Tupper filed an application for legal guardianship that would have made him responsible for protecting Atlas’ interests in court, and even challenged the judge’s decision to appoint Homer as executor of Heche’s estate. The 57-year-old shook his head as he heard the verdict while standing in court with his hands crammed into his blue jeans. Tupper’s frustrated gesture prompted Judge Bogdanoff to say: “Don’t shake your head at me – and get your hands out of your pockets!” the Daily Mail reported.


The ‘Big Little Lies’ star replied to the judge: “I don’t think his (Atlas) older brother (Homer) will look after his interests. He treats him like an enemy. Their relationship will be destroyed forever .” Judge Bogdanoff ordered Atlas “to come to the apartment and get his things as soon as possible” as Christopher Johnson, Tupper’s attorney, said that Homer was blocking Atlas’ access to the apartment he and his mother shared in order to keep his pick up possession. “The brothers have an equal interest in the estate … I see no reason to grant a judicial officer (GAL) because he (Atlas) and his brother have an equal interest in the estate,” the judge said while addressing the directed decisions.

The judge also asked Tupper why he believes Homer is “unqualified” to become the permanent administrator of Heche’s estate. “What is the basis for an objection?” asked the judge, according to the Daily Mail. “We’re not here to pick the best person. You can be illiterate and an administrator in California.” He also alerted Tupper that it would likely be “a waste of time” by filing a formal appeal against the forthcoming decision to make Homer a permanent administrator. However, the judge gave until October 20 to appeal against Tupper’s lawyer. He scheduled another hearing for November 30.

This comes after new documents revealed Anne Heche was worth a fraction of the millions she was thought to have been. Homer Laffon, 20, Heche’s son, who she shared with her former husband, said he estimated the total value of all his mother’s personal belongings at about $400,000. He said he expects an additional $400,000 annually from royalties and balance payments. Homer also revealed that Heche lived in an apartment and did not own a house.

Although Homer claimed his mother had no will when she died at age 53, Tupper indicated that she had appointed him executor in a “will” she emailed him in 2011. Homer insisted the email was invalid. The battle over Heche’s estate was due to be heard for the first time yesterday, October 11, in Los Angeles Superior Court.

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