Saturday, June 25, 2022

Animal Kingdom Season 6 Episode 1: Codys Gets Revenge On Gia, Fans Say She ‘Get What She Deserved’

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We know how Gia left her in Season 5 and the Cody boys haven’t forgotten what she did to them, so it was time for revenge

The Cody boys are back and have already shown that no one can mess with them, even if it’s someone who knew their mother Smurf. In Season 5 we saw Gia (Karina Lague) leave her and the Codys took it personally. They weren’t in the mood to hear Gia’s excuses for having to do this and left her. However, Gia knows how important they are to her and can be used in some of her tasks.

In the first episode of Season 6, we see Gia return to the Codys for a job, telling them that a new girl in town is eating up their business by making more sales than them. J still feels that Gia shouldn’t be here and go. Meanwhile, Gia thinks it’s time to burn bridges.

While discussing the job, she believes the other girl has connections with some really influential people and is therefore able to work in the neighborhood. Gia wants the Cody Boys to get her out of the equation so her (Gia) business can thrive. Pope (Shawn Hatosy) tells her they need some time to think. Eventually they accept the job and start planning.


The roof of the girl’s showroom and storage room is really solid, so Andrew had to build a machine to pierce it. But that would make a lot of noise and they would get caught. They have a plan that J would use rockets used in celebrations and burst them while the others do their jobs. Bursting these missiles will help them suppress this machine’s voice.

A few moments later they finally get in and start taking some really expensive things out of the showroom before setting it on fire. However, we soon see that the Cody Boys did in fact burn down Gia’s showroom and get revenge on her. Although Gia Andrew threatened to face the consequences, fans loved what they saw and how the Cody Boys came together to burn down Gia’s shop.

Fans said that Gia should never be disloyal to the Codys because they stand up for everyone who left them during their difficult times. One of the fans wrote: “They didn’t burn bridges they burned you lol.” Another fan tweeted: “LMFAOOO THEY DID NOT GIVE US ENOUGH TIME TO RECOVER. talk about burning bridges LMFAOOOO.”

“I didn’t see that coming. Don’t f**k the Codys Gia,” wrote another social media user.

Meanwhile, one of the fans noticed that Gia was no longer an ally of the Codys and her purpose no longer served the Cody family, so they decided to do something so drastic. The user tweeted, “Look lady they get their grudges from their matriarch. Smurf wouldn’t let anyone get away with anything unless they could serve her a greater purpose. And you’ve proven that your purpose no longer serves Cody’s.”

Another fan wrote: “Guess Gia learned the hard way to never cross the Cody’s. Loyalty is everything!!!” Another fan said, “Gia got what she deserved, not what she wanted.”

“Damn, they screwed Gia pretty bad. Dicey,” wrote another.

At the end of the scene, Gia tells Pope that they will face consequences because their investors will not be happy after learning that the Codys set fire to their showroom. Pope lets Gia know he’s ready to face the consequences and bring down anyone who stands in front of him.

It will be interesting to see how Gia and her allies seek revenge on the Codys. Still, fans really loved how Pope, Craig, Deran and J came together for this job and want them to stick together if they have to survive.

Season 6 of Animal Kingdom returns to TNT every Sunday at 9:00 p.m. EST with a new episode.

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