Thursday, January 26, 2023

Angie Katsanevas ‘accidentally’ poses with man in WLM t-shirt and says she was ‘unaware of the message’

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SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH: Angie Katsanevas addressed her fans and followers on Instagram after she posed for a selfie with a man wearing a White Lives Matter t-shirt. She also posted a story on Instagram admitting she wasn’t the “problem here” and referring to her “accidental posing” with the man.

Fans were outraged by the lewd attire, which mocked the Black Lives Matter movement and even called for the termination of The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City, but the series’ “girlfriend” said she was more aware of the phrase than her old one Girlfriend unaware and castmate Jen Shah called her out. “I was unaware of the message on the back of the shirt worn by the man I posed for a picture with,” Angie posted on her Instagram story on Jan. 24. “The original photo was taken from the front. I do not stand by or endorse this message. Had I known the disturbing message was on his back, I would never have agreed to take a picture with him. I reject racism in any form. I have and will always stand up for diversity and inclusion.”


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Angie’s comments came just hours after she was spotted with the man. Shortly after Angie’s testimony, Jen posted a message on her Instagram Story supporting the Black Lives Matter campaign to end racism and police violence. At that moment, Jen’s allegation against Angie was picked up by a fan website called Reality Witch. “[Angie Katsanevas] explains itself with this great story. And I’m not kidding, Jen’s story was right after hers,” they said.

After the page said Jen “continues to weaponize racism,” Angie reposted the comment.

But Jen continued to fight back, posting an additional comment on her Instagram Story that appeared to demand that Bravo fire Angie from “RHOSLC.” “The girl’s colors are showing. how you behaved [Bravo]?”, read the post.

On January 25, Angie uploaded an article criticizing the man in question, Simon Shaner, and has since defended the housewife. The story states: “Simon Shaner’s despicable behavior cannot be brushed aside and ignored. The fact that @angiekatsanevas is getting more attention and publicity for accidentally posing with that disgusting bastard of a human when he asked her to take a picture as well is exactly what’s going wrong in today’s society. Leave Angie alone and focus on the real issue here. Not the housewife.”

The post also had a statement that read: “Simon Shamer you’re officially cancelled!!! Goodbye!!!

The Season 3 reunion of The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City premieres January 25 at 8:7c on Bravo.

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