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Angela Lansbury said her Murder She Wrote character was the closest thing to the woman she could have been if she hadn’t been an actress

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Angela Lansbury had a successful acting career that spanned almost eight decades. She said it once murder she wrote The TV character was the closest thing to the woman she could have been if she hadn’t become an actress.

Lansbury described herself as a character actress. However, she said she is not a character actress in murder, she wrote.

“I’m a character actress first and foremost,” Lansbury said in an interview with The New York Times. “The only area where I wasn’t a character actress was playing Jessica Fletcher. Jessica Fletcher was probably about as close – not to me – but to the kind of woman I could have been if I wasn’t an actress.”

Lansbury says her character was very conscious. “She noticed things,” Lansbury said. “She had the ability to pick up little pieces of information that solved crimes.”

Some actors say they’re a bit like their characters, but that wasn’t the case with Lansbury. She said nothing about Jessica Fletcher was part of her personality.

“Well, not really any of hers,” she tells the New York Times when asked how much of her personality is in her murder she wrote Character. “But let’s say my sensitivity, yes, sometimes, because those things will reveal themselves.”

One of Lansbury’s early acting roles was in the 1944 film gas light. She played the role of Nancy. That same year, Lansbury played Edwina Brown National Velvet. In 1945 she played Sibyl Vane in The picture of Dorian Gray.

Lansbury gained attention after playing Eleanor Shaw Iselin in the 1962 film The Manchu Candidate. Lansbury is also known for playing Jessica Fletcher murder, she wrote. She appeared in 264 episodes from 1984 to 1996.

Some of Lansbury’s other acting roles include appearances in Sweeney Todd: Fleet Street’s demonic barber, MagnumPI., Touched by an angel, little womanand Mary Poppins’ Return.

Lansbury tells The New York Times She would never be a big movie star because she didn’t have the look that was in demand. She said she was first and foremost a good actress, not “a pretty face.”

“They didn’t want to push me into being an over-the-top star,” Lansbury said. “But I was never really that stuff. If I had been gorgeous – Betty Grabel legs – maybe I could have compelled her to take me there and make me a big movie star. But I was hampered by the fact that I was too good an actress. I was an actress first and not a pretty face.”

One role Lansbury was very proud of was her leading role in The Manchurian Candidate. She called it “one of the greatest roles of my career” during an interview with The Times. “I’m forever grateful that I had the chance to do that,” she added.

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