Thursday, May 12, 2022

Andy Dick’s Crime Story: Comedian arrested AGAIN for allegedly sexually assaulting a grown man

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Among other things, Dick was arrested in 2010 for allegedly groping a bouncer and a patron at a West Virginia bar

ORANGE COUNTY, CALIFORNIA: Comedian and actor Andy Dick was arrested on Wednesday, May 11 for aggravated assault, the Orange County Sheriff’s Office confirmed. The 56-year-old was reportedly arrested around 9 a.m. at O’Neill Regional Park in Orange County, California.

An adult male reportedly claimed that Dick sexually assaulted him at the campsite. The sheriff’s office said the alleged victim was taken to the hospital for an “assault investigation.” Dick’s arrest was livestreamed on social media. In the video, Dick is seen being handcuffed and placed in a police car by Orange County Sheriff’s officers.


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Andy Dick’s previous arrests

This isn’t the first time Dick has been accused of sexual misconduct. Among several other disturbing incidents over the years, the comedian was arrested in 2010 after allegedly groping a bouncer and a customer at a West Virginia bar. However, the criminal charges were dropped after he completed a pre-trial diversionary program.

In June last year, Dick was arrested by the LAPD for assault with a deadly weapon after allegedly assaulting his former lover, Lucas Crawford. At the time, he claimed his leg had been broken in the fight. “He hit my leg with his body,” Dick had told Page Six. “My femur was broken and my ankle was crushed and the tendons and ligaments on the other side were torn from the bone.”

At the time, Dick had reportedly just been evicted from his home and moved into a hostel. He was even asked to leave the hostel after bringing in a large group of over 11 people. In another incident at the time, he was accused of making obscene gestures asking a waitress to sleep with her. He also stole cutlery, wine glass and even plates from the same restaurant.

In April 2020, Dick allegedly sexually assaulted a 52-year-old woman. He was accused of unlawfully touching an intimate part of the victim “for the specific purpose of sexual arousal, sexual gratification and sexual abuse” and of “using force and violence against the person of Christine S.”

That same year, it was announced that Dick would be charged with two battery charges for groping a young woman at an event in 2003, groping the breasts of a 17-year-old girl in 2008 and groping a man in March 2018 on all three counts Dick was caught on camera with his hand under the person’s clothing.

Dick made headlines back in 1999 after driving while drunk into a utility pole and facing charges of possession, hit-and-run and drunk driving. Between 2004 and 2005, Dick was arrested for the first time for indecent exposure through drunken romping at McDonald’s, followed by another in 2005 where he exposed his genitals to the audience at Yuk Yuk’s comedy club in Edmonton, Alberta.

In 2006, he went backstage on Comedy Central’s Roast of William Shatner and licked Farrah Fawcett, Carrie Fisher and Patton Oswalt before turning his attention to a New York Post photojournalist. He is said to have groped her, tried to kiss her, then professed his love for her and bit her hand. He later urinated in front of her and offered her cocaine.

Between 2005 and 2007, he was accused of groping Ivanka Trump and fondling Pamela Andreson’s breasts. In 2008, a heavily intoxicated Dick grabbed and fondled the chest of a 17-year-old girl before pulling off her top in the parking lot of the Buffalo Wild Wings Grill & Bar. Police later discovered a gram of marijuana and an anti-anxiety pill, Xanax, in Dick’s pocket. He was arrested and later released on $5,000 bail.

In 2011, Dick was accused of pulling down his pants and banging his scrotum against a table at the Newport Film Festival. He is also said to have urinated at a public exhibition. In another incident, he was reportedly disqualified from the AVN Awards, an adult film awards show, after Dick allegedly “groped and stalked” adult film actress Tera Patrick and drag queen Chi Chi LaRue. He was later arrested for rubbing his genitals on a viewer’s face during a standup show while dressed in drag.

In 2014, Dick rode up to a man on a bicycle and stole the necklace from his neck, which was valued at over $1,000, an act that constituted grand theft. In 2017, he faced another case of sexual allegations and was fired from the independent film Raising Buchanan over allegations of on-set sexual misconduct.

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