Sunday, September 25, 2022

‘Andor’: What happened on Kenari?

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The horrors of the republic were shown in the first three episodes of the series

‘Andor’ wasted no time delving into Cassian’s (Diego Luna) childhood. The prequel, Rogue One, premiered on Wednesday, September 21 with three episodes and focused on the early days of the rebel captain and intelligence officer. As expected, there was a story about Cassian’s childhood and how everything went from normal to somber in one day.

Cassian is revealed to be from Kenari, a small planet in the Mid-Rim system. The planet is made up of the indigenous population – one from which Cassian draws his roots and a segment that Diego Luna consciously wanted to include. As one of the show’s executive producers, it was a creative decision he made, and it works perfectly for the series. The kenari contributes to the reason Luna chose to keep his Mexican accent throughout the show and 2016 film. However, Kenari’s beauty is short-lived thanks to its dense forest management following a Republic attack.


What happened on Kenari?

In the first episode, on Kenari, the children watch a Republic ship sink and crash. A group decides to investigate the wreckage, where they see dead officers whose skin has turned yellow in what looks like radioactive poisoning. For those who have watched the series, this aligns with what Xanwan says about Kenari – a lush green planet abandoned after the Imperial mining disaster. It was considered poisonous and an imperial ban was imposed.

Quite simply, the events on the planet can be referred to as what Xanwan says, although the deaths of the officers are not explained. Cassian, then named Kassa by his Kenari tribe, is rescued by Maarva (Fiona Shaw) and Clem (Gary Beadle), who search the ship for parts. When Republic ships arrive to clear all traces of mining, they grab Cassian and quickly make their way. The bigger question is whether the Republic caused genocide and portrayed it as a mining accident. Only time can tell.

Andor Episodes 1-3 are available to stream on Disney+. Episode 4 premieres on Wednesday September 28th.

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