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An incredible true story inspired by 1 Jack Black film co-written by the creator of The White Lotus

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The White Lotus was one of the biggest shows of the last few months. It’s no surprise that he took home three wins at the 74th Primetime Emmy Awards and Best Limited Series or TV Motion Picture at the Golden Globes. While the excitement surrounding the show has made creator Mike White an almost household name of late, he’s definitely not new to the scene.

White has been an actor, writer, director and producer in Hollywood for years. Some may remember him as the shy Ned Schneebly in School of Rock (a film he also wrote). He later collaborated again with Jack Black on one of the last films one would expect to be based on a true story.

The 2006 movie free nachos wasn’t the best outing for Jack Black or Mike White. With a score of just 46% on Rotten Tomatoes, the film fell flat with audiences. Much more amazing than the film’s weary punch lines, however, is the fact that it’s based on a true story of a priest luchador who bravely fights to save his orphanage.

According to BuzzFeed, Padre Fray Tormenta (born Sergio Gutiérrez) was a priest from Mexico who ministered in impoverished areas. As his career progressed, he gradually took in more orphans. Father Tormenta had a difficult upbringing himself and was determined to help ensure that the homeless children in the slums do not slip straight into a life full of violence and crime.

The church didn’t want to fund Tormenta’s growing orphanage, so he donned a wrestling mask and became one of the big stars of lucha libre to keep the kids’ bellies full. “The yellow represents the vibrancy that Fray Tormenta needs to show in the ring,” Tormenta said in an interview with Vice of the mask … which he often wears while celebrating daily Mass and fighting in the ring. “The red represents the blood Fray Tormenta must shed for his orphanage.”

While the story of Padre Tormenta’s life is a rollercoaster of emotions, the year is 2006 free nachos didn’t do justice to the source material, which in this case was real life. The film took the very basic premise of Tormenta’s life and turned it into a bunch of uncomfortable jokes and catchphrases, and audiences didn’t have it.

In those days of movies like Napoleon dynamitesome filmmakers seemed more interested in having a pre-viral catchphrase that all kids would repeat at school than in bringing the readily available drama, comedy and excitement of Tormenta’s life to the big screen.

While Black, as the star and biggest promoter, may have been the face of the flop, White was heavily involved. He co-wrote the screenplay for the film and was also credited as a producer.

free nachos may not have been the hit white or black were hoping for. The two found immense success while working together in 2003 school of Rock, but they just couldn’t duplicate the high energy and charming humor of their earlier work.

White’s successful career dates back to the late ’90s, with author and producer credits Dawson’s Creek. He also wrote the cult classic dead man on campus, it seems more like that free nachos was the exception rather than the rule in his career.

That’s not to say everything has gone smoothly for White over the past 16 years. The Emmy Outing For The White Lotus Mashable says he managed to snag a worst screenplay raid in 2018 for his screenplay, according to Mashable Emoji Movie.

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