Sunday, December 5, 2021

"An evening in a frenzy" Helene Fischer flops with a show on Sat.1

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On Friday evening the Sat.1 showed “Helene Fischer – An evening in a frenzy”. On the show, the pop singer spoke more privately than ever before – but that doesn’t seem to have interested anyone.

For weeks, Helene Fischer has dominated the headlines – and not only with her pregnancy, but also with her new music. After a break of more than two years, the singer recently returned with a new album. That should of course be promoted, in a certain way, of course.

ZDF showed the documentary “Helene Fischer – In the intoxication of the senses” in mid-October. Shortly before, similar material was posted on YouTube and TikTok. The 37-year-old continued her “promotional tour” on Friday evening. Together with Stefan Raab, the musician produced “Helene Fischer – An Evening in Rush” for Sat 1.

In the show, she performed some of her new songs, and between the songs she was interviewed by presenter Steven G√§tjen, Helene Fischer was unusually open and honest. For example, she said that she found botox perfectly fine, she loves Sundays, is grumpy in the morning and just can’t resist a chocolate cake with a liquid core. But that didn’t really interest many.

“Helene Fischer – An evening in a frenzy” attracted “only” 1.99 million people in front of the screens on Friday evening. That corresponds to a market share of 7.2 percent. The ZDF crime series “Die Chefin”, on the other hand, attracted 6.43 million viewers (22.7 percent). ARD and RTL were also more successful than Sat.1 on Friday evening with “Life is not a kindergarten – moving chaos” (3.23 million) and “Ninja Warrior Germany – Germany’s strongest show” (2.16 million).

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