Friday, January 13, 2023

‘Amusingly obscure’: Internet in limbo after Michael Bay is accused of killing a pigeon on film set

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ROME, ITALY: Director Michael Bay finds himself in quite an enigma after he was accused of killing a pigeon while directing in Rome. The incident reportedly happened in 2018 while the critically acclaimed director was working on the set of the Netflix film 6 Underground. Bay, a well-known animal rights activist, has thoroughly denied these allegations, saying they have “clear video evidence”. However, the Internet is enjoying this development.

The ‘Transformers’ director said: “I’m a well-known animal lover and a huge animal activist. No animal involved in the production was harmed or injured per The Wrap. Italy has a national law that makes it illegal to injure, kill, or capture wild birds. This includes pigeons. According to a source connected to the film’s production, a pigeon was reportedly killed by a dolly in the middle of a take-a-frame in the capital. An insider who witnessed the incident took a photo as evidence and reported it to authorities. The director continued, “We have clear video evidence” and “a multitude of witnesses and security officials who exonerate us from these allegations.” And her only paparazzi photo refutes it – making a false story. There is an ongoing court case I can’t go into the specifics but I’m confident that when I have my day in court we will prevail.” A source said: “Everyone knows Michael is an animal rights activist. That would never happen on his set. There are dozens of witnesses who said this didn’t happen,” TMZ reported.


‘Hilariously obscure headline’: People are shocked by the charges against Michael Bay

One user tweeted, “Somehow this is the strangest charge a director has been charged with today.” Another surprised user wrote, “The sentence ‘Michael Bay has been charged with killing one’ didn’t end the way I expected. One user commented, “BRO I got the notification that Michael Bay was charged with murder… And I was like WTF then I clicked on it and it said dove like Dayum. Rip Pigeon, although it’s true.” Another person said, “That’s the most random thing to accuse a person of, I’m crying” One user said, “‘Michael Bay has been accused of killing a pigeon’ is the hilariously obscure headline I’ve come across have heard for a while. Never thought that would be a sentence being written.” Another user joked, “If Italy doesn’t have enough he can send them a few thousand from NYC in reparation.”

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