Saturday, August 6, 2022

American Idol finalist hired security after Nicole Kidman advised her

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American Idol finalists receive a lot of publicity from their time on the show, which sometimes means they have to take extra security measures after the show.

Melinda Doolittle was a finalist for the show’s sixth season, and after she finished, she got some advice from actress Nicole Kidman, she told Insider in celebration of the show’s 20th anniversary.

“No one spoke to her,” Doolittle said of her encounter with Kidman. “I had a line at my table and I was like, ‘I don’t understand, Nicole Kidman will be right there.’

Fans raved about Doolittle, she said, and she “couldn’t eat” because everyone was talking to her. Kidman later asked her to come to the table before leaving.

“She said, ‘Hey honey, we’re so proud of you,'” Doolitle told Insider, Kidman said. “‘We saw you on the show. And I just want to tell you to invest in safety.”

Doolittle shared that Kidman added, “For me, people only saw me on screen, so they don’t relate to me in that way. But for you you are one of them. And that’s how they feel comfortable walking up to your dining table and not letting you eat. So you have to have someone with you so you can eat.”

The singer said she then hired security for the next six months and told Insiders she believes the advice was some of the best she’s ever received.

Sanjaya told Insiders about his time on the show and what his life has been like since auditioning, including feeling like he’s always been the “butt of the joke” during his time on the show.

The singer revealed he’s been asked to return to the show for season 20 in 2022, but wanted to set some ground rules before flying to the show.

“I’m totally devastated,” says Sanjaya, telling the American Idol producers when they called to ask if he was coming back. “I just want to say one thing: every time I’ve gone on ‘American Idol,’ I’ve been the butt of the joke. When I come back it would be really great if I could present myself as an artist, not as a reality TV joke.”

He said they called him later to say his flight was “too expensive” for the show.

Sanjaya told Insider, “I think borders are expensive.”

Season 13 winner Caleb Johnson spoke to Insider about his time on American Idol and why he was actually “really disappointed” that he won his season.

The debut single was written by Justin Hawkins and is titled “As Long as You Love Me”.

“I knew in fact that if you win you have to sing the song, and the song was just absolute crap,” Johnson told the outlet. “Like it’s just the worst song ever.”

“American Idol” is expected to return in spring 2023 for the show’s 21st season. It is expected that each of the three judges and host Ryan Seacrest will return.

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