Wednesday, October 27, 2021

American Idol Finalist Announces New EP for October 22nd

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After competing on ABC’s “American Idol,” the finalists often go out alone and try to make it into the music industry. The competition often offers a little momentum, even if there is no record deal in the end.

That was the case for season 6 contestant Leslie Hunt. The singer-songwriter was 25 when she placed in the top 20 of the competition, and after the show she was the leader of the band District 97.

Hunt has now announced that their second solo EP will be released this year.

The new EP, which will consist of 7 tracks and is a solo work, is called “Descend”. According to Broadway World, it is the second in the set that kicked off with Hunt’s EP Ascend, released in June 2021.

According to the outlet, the songs are about individual freedoms and “their attempt to find a place in an increasingly complex and sometimes harsh society”. The songs on Ascend, according to Broadway World, were heart and soul, and perhaps less abstract.

Before “Ascend” was released, the EP was described as “beautiful”.

According to Louder Sound, the album has been described as “a collection of seven exquisite new songs, each brilliantly written and played, showing an honesty and grace mixed with a passionate beauty. Seven beautiful and touching reflections on how we all have undoubtedly felt about love and life at some point in our lives, captured and expertly shaped in the hands of this studied artist. “

According to Hunt’s Instagram, she is currently on tour.

On September 5, 2021, she announced her upcoming tour with her band District 97. All details about the tour are available online here.

Here are the dates when the band will play for their “Touroween 2021”:

In 2016, Hunt spoke about how her time on American Idol was and how the show motivated her to continue her career.

“In general, I’m a bit quirky,” Hunt told the Chicago Tribune at the time. “I sang jazz scat on national television.”

She later added, “Reality TV isn’t as real as you might think. The judges make their comments based on notes that the executive producers gave them about us. I told them all kinds of information about me, but the caption below my picture read: ‘Leslie Hunt, dog walker’. “

The singer also said she wanted to take risks in her career.

“You have to take risks and take risks, and you never know what’s going to happen,” she told the outlet in 2016. “I ended up with ‘American Idol’ which was both hilarious and awesome to me.”

“American Idol” will return in early 2022 for the monumental 20 season.

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