Friday, July 1, 2022

‘American Idol’ champion appears to be shooting at the show

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Samantha Diaz, the ‘American Idol’ season 18 champion, who went by the name ‘Just Sam’ on the show, has apparently given the show a try amid its upcoming music release.

In an Instagram post, Diaz stands in front of a display for 19 Crimes Wine, which may be a reference to 19 Recordings, the entertainment company behind American Idol.

“To all the doors that have closed on me: I’m coming back to buy the building. #JustSam,” the artist wrote as an Instagram caption.

Diaz previously opened up about being “broke” after her stint on the show to pay for the American Idol record label.

She revealed on Instagram that she thought American Idol would make her time as an artist easier, but that wasn’t the case.

“I thought it would be easy,” she said at the time. “Just go into the studio, record, release music. And that’s not how the world works. That’s not how the industry works. It takes time, it takes money I don’t have. It takes patience.”

She is no longer signed to Hollywood Records, to which she was attached after American Idol.

“I’m not even going to tell you how much money I had to pay after I left the label to claim songs that I had already recorded,” she said at the time.

Diaz announced on Twitter that she suffers from depression.

“Depression is real and one month of awareness isn’t enough if you ask me.” She wrote. “What about the rest of the year?”

She also wrote about her personal struggles.

“I was tired, but I also really kicked this depression in the a**!” She wrote. “& That’s the thing with me. GOD HAS ME. No weapon formed against me shall prosper, in Jesus name. I am so thankful to be a child of God. Knowing that no matter what, God will fix it, THAT HOLDS ME. #thank you God.”

She then released a song titled “Pain Is Power” written by both Diaz and Zarah Scully. They released the song through Just Sa Entertainment.

“Turn the page / Take what you can from the past / If you have to, don’t / If you try, you won’t regret it / I know that,” she sings in the songadding, “Maybe one day you won’t run away.”

After splitting from Hollywood Records, Just Sam moved back to Harlem and worked on the music there. She has released a number of songs and kept her fans updated via Instagram.

“When I say I’m blessed, I don’t mean money or material things,” she wrote on Instagram on May 22, 2022. “I mean situations that were sent to destroy me but didn’t even touch my soul.”

In September 2021, the singer released a song dedicated to murdered friends and family members.

“The message of Change is that to finally break these cycles of violence, we need to turn the other cheek, forgive, and rise above these circumstances,” she wrote in the post announcing the song’s release. “It is our responsibility to do better, to say yes to healing and no to violence.”

The words were credited to Just Sam’s co-songwriter, Cat Clark.

“American Idol” is expected to return in spring 2023 for the show’s 21st season. It is expected that each of the three judges and host Ryan Seacrest will return.

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